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    FarrelwiZ, 19 december 2018 19:47

    7 Actors Who Have Been Acting Video Game Characters

    Character is one of the most important elements in a video game, the story that is carried of course requires a character to build the story. The characters in the video game must be filled with their voices or played as well as possible, in order to be able to bring those characters to life.

    In fact, many game developers do not hesitate to recruit real actors & actresses to portray the characters in the games they form to look more leverage. And here are 7 actors who were cast in the video game.

    7. Kevin Spacey

    The results of the picture for Kevin Spacey Call of Duty

    The lunge of this senior actor cannot be doubted in the world of cinema, he has managed to attack various awards. One of them is the Academy Awards Oscar as the best male actor in the film American Beauty .

    The results of the picture for Kevin Spacey Call of Duty

    Always taking a role in the world of cinema, he finally tried new challenges to portray characters in video games. Through Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , he finally acts as Jonathan Irons, not only filling the voice, he also provides a motion capture for the character.

    The results of the picture for Kevin Spacey Call of Duty

    6. Harington Kit

    The picture for Jon Snow

    The audience of Game of Thrones is certainly no stranger to this one actor, he is the cast of the series' main protagonist - John Snow. Always getting the image of a hero through films & series that he starred in, Kit finally felt he was acting as an antagonist for the first time.

    In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare , he acts as the main antagonist in the game - Salen Kotch who leads the Settlement Defense Front troops. In the game Kit also collided acting with seasoned MMA fighters - Connor McGregor who plays Bradley Fillion.

    Image result for conor mcgregor harington kit

    5. Kiefer Sutherland

    Image for Kiefer Sutherland big boss

    Replacing David Hayter as Snake, Kiefer Sutherland was appointed to become the Big Boss in the last MGS concoction of Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear Solid V: The Panthom Pain . Kiefer Sutherland himself is a senior actor who has been playing films since the 1980s, of course there are many characters in the film that he plays, one of which is Pompeii .

    Kiefer himself rarely plays a role as a video game character, only three characters are played in the game, one of which is Big Boss. When he was announced to be acting as Big Boss replacing David Hayter, many fans were disappointed, but in the end when Metal Gear Solid V was officially released, fans were relieved to see the satisfying appearance of Kiefer Sutherland.

    4. Samuel L Jackson

    Image for samuel l jackson nick fury

    The behavior of this actor in the world of cinema does not need to be questioned anymore, he has starred in the box office films. But who would have thought, this one actor is also a former host of The Spike Video Game Awards, or what we now know better as The Game Awards.

    Related image

    Not only is it contributing to the world of video games, he has also played several characters in video games. An unforgettable one is his role as a corrupt police officer - Frank Tenpenny in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas .

    3. Patrick Stewart

    The image for Professor X

    Many people know this bald-headed grandfather as a "Professor X" in the X-Men movie franchise. He has been working for an actor himself for decades, and of course he has played many roles. Not only active in the world of film, he also plays many roles as characters in video games, such as The Lego Worlds, Forgotten Realms , & Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion .

    Image results for Uriel Septim

    Patrick even won the award through his role as Uriel Septim in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion at the Spike Video Game Awards. But unique, Patrick said he didn't want to play games, the reason being he was easily lured into addictive things, he was afraid that if he was addicted to playing games he would be hard to stop.

    2. Sean Bean

    The image for winter is coming meme

    Discussing the row of actors who always get the role of ending dead, it certainly doesn't feel complete if it doesn't include Sean Bean's name in it. The cast of Eddard Stark in the Game of Thrones series often gets the character role that ends up dead, not least in the game.

    Related image

    In Hitman 2 which was released last month, Sean Bean acted as, of course as a target, he would die in the hands of the players. Not only that, Sean also played the role of King Regis - Noctis' father in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV , which of course ended up dead. Sean Bean himself actually first entered the world of voice actor games in 2006, through In Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion .

    The image results for king regis

    1. Mark Hamill

    The image for Luke Skywalker's hamill mark

    Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars & Joker franchise in the Batman franchise are two very inherent figures in Mark Hamill. The 67-year-old senior actor himself has played the Joker for more than 20 years, long before the Batman Arkham series was launched. He began his role as Joker from the 1994 The Adventures of Batman & Robin game, then continued through the animated version.

    The picture for the Joker mark hamill

    The fans themselves assume that their role as Joker in the Batman Arkham series is one of the best Joker roles. Even able to side with the role of the Joker brought by the late Heath Ledger in the film The Dark Knight . Mark Hamill's career as a voice actor in the game industry itself has also been very numerous, almost as much as his role in the world of cinema.

    Related image
    Mark Hamill also even voiced the English version of Goro Mijima in the Yakuza game.

    Those are 7 actors who have acted as characters in video games, which appearance of the seven coolest actors do you think?

    Rate this article 7 Actors Who Have Been Acting Video Game Characters

    (3.83/5) 6 rates


    Thats interesting i had no idea the games have the actors doing the voices. I like Keifer Southerland he is a great actor. Kevin Spacey is good also.

    26 january 2019 22:36

    pretty cool

    20 december 2018 19:56

    Not bad but need improvement

    21 december 2018 07:52

    Kevin Spacey top

    27 december 2018 10:53

    i think its a copy paste

    20 december 2018 10:29

    not bad rly

    25 december 2018 23:20

    Not bad

    20 december 2018 09:02

    Hmmm...Seems unique and I like it. The only problems are a big empty space and one of the pictures breaking out of the article. But it has my vote.

    19 december 2018 19:49

    Hey, it's really interesting. You can also put Jack Black, he appeared in Brutal Legend as a main character.

    13 march 2020 10:45

    Very interesting article, creative, havent seen stuff like that around.

    20 december 2018 11:11