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    FarrelwiZ, 19 december 2018 19:51

    Tips for Playing CS: GO Danger Zone that You Must Know to Win

    CS: GO recently eliminated the game, this then attracted many new players who at least wanted to try this game for a long time. Not only free the game, CS: GO itself also provides gameplay updates that look like most Battle Royale modes. Feeling fresher and fresher, not a few more new players are also trying out this latest mode. But this game mode is conceptually far more compact and tactical than the number of games in Battle Royale mode on the market. For those of you who want to win immediately or at least improve your gameplay in Danger Zone, pay attention to these tips on playing Battle Royale CS: GO.

    1. Determine Your Landing

    Map in Battle Royale mode or often known as Danger Zone mode, only 1 map is available which is called Blacksite. There are lots of spots that you can occupy and choose on this latest map like, Radio, Industry, lighthouse, and there are still many places down again. Please choose a place that is not chosen by many people , because the lack of armor, weapons, and ammo you have cannot wipe out all the people around the area.

    Loot on this map is also generated randomly, so it's difficult for us to give certainty that location A has a Loot better than location B, etc. Because at Light House itself sometimes after many loot bridges are much better. But we can make sure the loot is spawned in certain places. So the loot will not randomly scatter anywhere, but the spawn location has been set.

    2. Take off the rope before your enemy drops

    If you unconsciously meet people immediately after you drop from the top of the helicopter, you have to think where you will go after you go down. Do immediately take the loot, go to the building, etc. Our tips for getting down faster are that you can take advantage of let go of rope or let go of the rope so that you can go down faster than other people. The risk is that you have to determine the appropriate distance, or you will receive considerable damage.

    The way to release the rope is, you can press the "E" button on the keyboard. But the "E" button can only be pressed when the appropriate height. This is indeed often forgotten by many new players, and also because the risk of fall damage is quite high, many players choose not to use it.

    3. Choose Weapons Wisely

    Indeed, we cannot cut select weapons here, limited weapons and also perfunctory certainly we will choose for the purpose of survival. But if you have a choice when buying or if you meet more than two weapons, here are the choices you can take.

    A. Shot Gun XM1014 or Mag-7

    Automatic Shot Gun is a mandatory choice for us in playing the Danger Zone mode. The size of the map is relatively small for the Battle Royale level, the number of buildings, and the only long range hazard is in the super open place. A high fire rate plus damage that can't be said is instant kill for a short distance (although having armor) makes the Shotgun practically an auto win Danger Zone.

    B.P90 or MP5-SD

    For the SMG or Sub Machine Gun category, we recommend P90 or MP5-SD with fairly painful damage plus a fairly comfortable recoil, making this weapon very suitable. SMG actually made a bit of anxious because indeed AMMO became the main obstacle in this game. MP9, MAC-10 has a very high fire rate but on the other hand is very wasteful of bullets.

    C. Five Seven or Tec-9

    Our pistol level highly recommends Five Seven and Tec-9 is suitable for killing close to mid distances, with painful damage making this weapon quite poignant for the size of a gun. Recoil and stability that can be carried while walking makes new players easily do hip-fire with this weapon.

    D. Rifle and Heavy Sniper?

    We don't really recommend this, because the majority of these weapons are dropped through the Air Drop where the Drop Water weapon is definitely sick and highly recommended. You don't need to question this, if you only find the AK-47, of course, if you find M4A4, use it, etc.

    4. Always pay attention to Ammo and buy Ammo carefully

    The main problem with this Battle Royale one is the lack of AMMO. You will find a moment where you run out of Ammo and are forced to fight with makeshift equipment. Always monitor your AMMO and buy if you are in the right moment. Like loot or scavanging. Check the spots around because who knows you meet Ammo in an unexpected place. Don't forget to always beat the Turret empty-handed / melee weapon because under always AMMO is free.

    5. Monitor Tablets and Tablet Settings

    The main mistake of the new players is their lack of understanding the movements of the enemy shown on the Tablet. By pressing TAB you can see the direction of movement and also the position of the enemy. This is very helpful for you, because the Tablet becomes the second eye, you can monitor the enemy globally.

    What settings are suitable?
    To set up a radar or tablet, you can set it up so you don't automatically rotate the camera movements. This will greatly change your gameplay, because a tablet that is spinning will make it difficult for you to determine the direction of the enemy position. To set a tablet you can open CS Settings: GO> Game Settings> Scroll down> Radar / Tablet> Tablet Map Orientation> `Select Fixed Orientation.

    6. Know the Color and Content of the Chest

    Knowing what boxes you need can save you time rather than having to open all the boxes one by one. Here is a list of boxes that you need to know.

    Ordinary Red Box will drop various types of pistols by Random Red Long Box Contains main weapons such as SMG, Shotgun.
    Blue Box Contains a Throwable utility such as flash bang etc. There is also Armor, and finally Melee.
    The Yellow Box will drop explosive kits like C4 for Trap and also Breach Charge.
    Water Drop Contains Heavy Weapons such as Magnum, AK-47, M4A4, AUG, Scar etc.

    Understand that and make it a benchmark.

    7. For God's sake, Upgrade Your Drone Once!

    The tip that players often miss is they miss a level one Drone upgrade. Why is it important? not only increasing your drone speed in delivering items significantly, but your tab can detect the direction of movement of other drones. Where you can use this as a reference to kill enemies around you.

    8. Don't Play Buy During War

    Always monitoring the environment around buying all kinds of things at any time does not make it a good habit. Many players can actually monitor your position from the direction of the moving drone or where the drone delivers your items. Make sure no one can support you when you buy items.

    If you follow all these tips we are sure you guys will be first place in no time.

    Rate this article Tips for Playing CS: GO Danger Zone that You Must Know to Win

    (3.64/5) 11 rates



    20 december 2018 04:55

    It's a bit junky
    And has unnecessary parts

    19 december 2018 23:47

    Good guide. Definitely useful when I get back to the game

    20 january 2019 18:48

    I haven't tried this yet, thx for the cool tips

    22 december 2018 06:10

    good tips

    20 january 2019 18:30

    good tips for a game I will probably never play :-) but interesting, thanks

    3 july 2020 19:19

    Thanks, that will lead me to victory

    28 december 2018 10:00

    good tips

    24 december 2018 17:33

    Nice comment

    21 december 2018 06:31

    Thanx for cool tips

    21 december 2018 07:51