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    FarrelwiZ, 11 january 2018 23:20

    6 Biggest Video Game Industry Events Throughout the Year 2017

    2017 will soon be over, and many stories that have occurred throughout the year ranging from positive to negative. Let us leave aside for a moment some of the negative stories that have happened and focus on the biggest event of the year coloring.

    Some of this event will not only mark a "leap" in the subsequent development of the video game world, but also allows the developer to learn to become better in the future. So, what are the big event? Below we summarize six biggest event in the video game industry that occurred throughout the year.

    1. Nintendo Console Hybrid Switch Release Being most successful

    If we look at some of the world's leading developer console, Nintendo does look the most daring to be different than its competitors. Companies are always the theme of "family friendly" and "games for fun" has finally released their latest hybrid console, Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017 ago.

    He is not a console that is strong enough in terms of technology such as two competitors, but Nintendo Switch managed to steal the hearts of the fans with various features pulled. Portable and dock features that have made this console are accessible to all people, both ye who love to play with your friends at home, or you are frequently traveling out of the house.

    Although initially marketing the hybrid console is quite hastily and many errors from several sides, but Nintendo managed to fix quite well. Could the sale which is able to compete with the best-selling console of all time, the PlayStation 2 in Japan in the first year of release makes Nintendo to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the future?


    2. Console "strongest" in the world, Xbox One X Give Experiences play "True 4K" First

    The number of requests and the drama "console wars" make the developers think hard in order to present the experience of playing the "approaching" PC gaming. If Sony managed to provide it with the PlayStation 4 Pro, another case with Microsoft. They want things to be better that delivers them to escape Xbox One X in June last.

    Console which previously had the codename "Scorpio" is believed to be able to provide the experience of playing "like" you play in high-end PCs. With the "native" 4K and HDR are much better than the PlayStation 4 Pro technically, making it into a "console strongest in the world" for the time being. He also had backward compatibility with UHD Blu-ray player that is not owned competitors.

    Microsoft's move to take a risk with the release of Xbox One X certainly would be a sign of technological developments console better in the future. Make a lot of developers were able to present the best gaming experience for the fans.

    3. Announce Version Oculus VR Headset his holidays, Oculus Go

    Virtual Reality or VR has become a new breakthrough in the world of digital entertainment including video games. But unfortunately, he did not have a pretty good start in the initial release. Costly Virtual Reality headsets become one of the reasons why these things are not so many takers. However, it is likely to change thanks to the announcement of the Oculus and Facebook to immediately release a cheaper version of headset, the Oculus Go.

    This headset is a stand-alone VR without a camera will be priced at $ 199 and is ready for release in 2018. Unfortunately, there is still no company managed to increase the degree VR with innovation, to be more in demand by the public, including gamers. Nevertheless, price reductions become cheaper VR certainly could be a little encouraging other companies to create low-budget VR headset in the future.


    4. Nintendo Present SNES Classic

    Increasing year not only make many people happy to welcome the future better, but not a few who missed the past are considered far better. Fortunately, it is heard by the re-release Nintendo SNES Classic last fall.

    Console retro priced around $ 60- $ 80 is returned to present the classic game beloved by the fans in the 90s. A thirst-quenching for you who want to reminisce with cool games Nintendo at that time.

    The release would be expected back SNES console will encourage other developers to re-release the classic console that is not their production in the future. PlayStation 1, 2, PSP, or maybe the first Xbox?

    5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds  Trendsetter Game Battle Royale

    It can not be denied again, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or also we are familiar with PUBG is indeed a warm conversation at this time of year. Its popularity is not only a widely followed only by the game developer plagiatnya China, but also developers who use the game engine that Epic Games with Fortnite Battle Royale it.

    But despite the controversy and popularity, it must be admitted that the game a million people have excellent gameplay mechanisms for the genre battle royale. The main idea is very simple mechanism, which provides for a battle arena that continues to shrink along the map. An idea that is not only brilliant, but also can accelerate the course of the game. This makes the player not only has to think fast to survive, but to know when and where they should run or hide from enemies.


    The idea was to give other developers an idea of how the mechanism of battle royale good game. Obviously we hope they are able to present a different and innovative things in the future for this genre, not just mimic the basic mechanisms which already owned PUBG only.

    6. Return of Classic Games With the "New Faces" A More Attractive

    The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Sonic Mania is one of many titles that come back this year. The release of these games became the beginning of "rebirth" of classical genre that is sorely missed by the fans.

    Not only back with a more attractive appearance, these games also present a different mechanism more games than usual. Although Super Mario is very often "milked" by Nintendo, but the presence of Super Mario Odyssey will make a new face that is different from the main series game. This also applies to other classic games that will be released next year.

    That is the sixth largest event list in the video game industry throughout 2017 which will certainly bring better changes in the next few years. Do you have positive events are missed and not in our list above?

    Rate this article 6 Biggest Video Game Industry Events Throughout the Year 2017

    (3.68/5) 19 rates


    That oculus VR headset video tho, it covers my entire screen... lol

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