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    (2.38/5) 13 rates
    FarrelwiZ, 11 january 2018 23:00

    10 Great Games that Need Mode PUBG Battle-Royale style

    PUBG is one of the largest gaming industry phenomenon in 2017 yesterday. Multiplayer games are now available for the PC and the Steam gaming industry is beating like a huge tsunami is not inevitable, regardless of whether you are a gamer who are interested in tasting it or not. Although still not perfect, there are many elements that are executed well by Bluehole Studio and PUBG Corp. associated with it, which in the end, joined the elements that make it a multiplayer game that is fun, exciting and addictive at the same time. Policy to not exploit them further to just pursue advantage also be something that deserves to be welcomed. In the eyes of another developer and publisher,

    Not just following the same policies, but it is trying to offer a similar format, more and more games started injecting battle-royale mode, regardless of whether he has theme is suitable or not. Trailing the popularity achieved by PUBG, games like Fortnite be the beginning, followed by a variety of mod content in a variety of titles, and finally arrived at the game that was never predicted to be able to have a battle-royale content in it - Paladins. Is such a process mimic necessarily bad? Of course not. In our eyes, there are many games out there that actually, it can be directly adapted mode this one into their products, and potentially fantastic ending. It is not even possible, if executed properly,

    So, of all the cool games that are on the market today, which one we think merit-royale Battle mode ala PUBG and potentially ending more cool? Here TOPlist JagatPlay version:

    1. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    Seems to have missed so the choice is clear, this is probably the first reaction of most of you when I saw the title of our TOPlist this time. With the world super wide he stretcher with the theme of modern battle with a series of weapons and tactical gear, including a chance to enjoy it from the perspective of the first person, there is no real reason for Ghost Recon: Wildlands not follow PUBG and offer fashion Battle-Royale in action games These are actually solid. They need to add is just an empty world that contains the loot in it and maybe some NPCs to make it feel more alive. The rest? Offer only the sensation of "standard" format Wildlands Battle-Royale. Simple, right, and of course, will make this game has a new attraction which is difficult to be dismissed.

    1. Splatoon 2

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if Nintendo decided that the third person shooter game without violence flagship - Splatoon 2, had a battle-royale mode. Given that it also carries a variety of variants of the weapon can be used, there is no longer a game that is more appropriate to apply this one mode. But instead of war vehicles, Nintendo could be implemented faster movement system using standard mechanisms of basic version - which uses ink as a line. By using it, players will automatically open the lines of movement on the map, and potentially make it easier to find. While gamers who choose to run without the use of ink, it can be safer to maneuver, but move slowly. The rest? As with Splatoon 2,

    1. Battlefield 1

    Admittedly, there are a lot of competitive FPS games are not based Overwatch style hero or Paladins out there are actually potential to obtain mode Battle-Royale and ends executed with incredible. With the popularity of the franchise that may be more familiar to more gamers, especially if they retain sensation and diverse physics when handling the weapons, the almost perfect combination you can get. Battlefield 1 of DICE and EA already has the foundation for it. That need to be adjusted simply by offering a classic war map as a "playground", and combine it with the balancing process heavy vehicles on land and "remove" combat aircraft to be used. The rest is a Battlefield game with 100 people on a single map,

    1. Saints Row IV

    If a game like Paladins have a system unique heroes with different skills can be used as a battle-royale game, although it still has not been proven to be successful or not, the same potential is actually stored in the superhero game from Volition - Saints Row IV. First, he is still third person shooter game which is still focused on the needs to use the right weapon, which also contains many variants weird and cool inside. Second? Implementation of the system can make a fashion superhero Battle-Royale carried by a much more interesting. Imagine an urban warfare scenario where gamers who want to navigate quickly can make the leap from building to building simple, but open the risk that its position will be the target of another player. Or imagine a scenario where when you have tremendous physical ability, can only throw a vehicle to kill another player when the weapon was not found. The process of balancing the required probably lies in the restriction of the use superhero ability itself.

    1. Armored Core

    Why should only a human? Have you ever imagined how cool a battle-royale game that requires you to go through the process of looting and survive with a robot character? That the fighting in this futuristic urban areas are not just dealing with a death and lives, but also an attempt to damage or disable some parts of the body in an automatic robot that will directly affect their performance when moving and fighting. It's hard not to be tempted by the potential "PUBG mode" that could be adapted by games like this, especially if he has quality visuals and dazzling detail. The sound of a giant machine guns, rocket flying here, and engines with electric particles that continue to sound noisy with no opportunity for repair.

    1. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

    Of all the choices made TOPlist JagatPlay at this time, this is probably the strangest choice. But for reasons that are unclear, it is difficult to throw them out of our minds. Imagine a scenario PUBG style games with the same concept, but from the perspective of the first person in the world who has a post-apocalyptic theme. But rather than kill each other with guns, you have to type a sentence or a letter has no meaning on top of the player you want to kill. This paper will consistently present above a character's head, but had a size which makes it only can be read clearly if you are in a certain distance. The process of looting and certainly will not give you guns and the like, but the advantages of the system type a letter like this. Defense items might make you get an extra letter, while attacking the item can make you look through the zoom to target the player a short distance, and the like. On the other hand, it should also be increasingly making capability faster you type the more mature.

    1. Mario Kart

    Just like the case of our previous choice, Battle-Royale containing 100 people who fought each other in the same arena Saatu sebnenarnya is not a concept that sounds "exclusive" only for FPS or TPS only. Because if ahrus imaginable, fun racing games with the ability to fight like Mario Kart, actually have the potential to perform much more crazy and fun at the same time. Nintendo living presents a super wide arena full of pitfalls falling and winding road that will instantly instantly kill anyone who fell. The next elimination process will depend on the question mark boxes are scattered in this vast arena to give you the weapons needed to kill another enemy.

    1. Ace Combat

    You get to hear the new technology about to be implemented by the Project Aces and Namco Bandai in the latest Ace Combat series certainly can not deny that it's time, this game has a competitive multiplayer mode in it. That's right, not just to fight blindly, Ace Combat 7 had claimed that you can now hide or fight through the clouds now, will affect the physics in it. Now imagine a super broad arena that allows at least 50 aircraft to work directly in it, and mutually destroy each other. Of course, following the battle-royale game in general, weapons and defense systems can be obtained through the process of looting the various icons that are stored in so many existing thick cloud. The rest,

    1. The Last of Us – Multiplayer

    If we are talking about one of the fantastic single player game with an awesome multiplayer mode, hence the name The Last of Us is likely to enter into one list that was worthy to bear the predicate. Naughty Dog's ability to translate the single-player mode tensions that exist, mainly from the fact that you are a fragile character on the threat the world who have no mercy said this ended up being a different competitive multiplayer mode. Moreover, not just the weapons you carry, there is an opportunity to gather material in the game and then dispensing weapons or defense systems that you think are effective in combat. Therefore, finding the right position and continue to play strategically is the key to victory in game one. Now imagine if the same scenario is, kin implemented in the format of 100 people, in a big world. Just imagine it was enough to make us feel very interested.

    1. The Division

    And of all the cool games available today, then the Division of Ubisoft seems already contains all the elements so fantastic to end the game Battle-Royale skyline. Ubisoft is now only required to implement into reality while ensuring servers are reliable enough to contain the fighting tens to at least 100 people in a single user in the same space. The sensation of wielding a fantastic weapon combined with urban arena that contains so many buildings for the looting, vertical or horizontal, loading concept battle too attractive to pass up. Live set to make its RPG elements slightly irrelevant while maintaining the existing variants of the weapon, then you'll get a battle-royale game interesting.

    The above is the 10 games that we think, JagatPlay, actually has the potential to be cool and even end up offering a hard appeal to be rejected if they decide to implement Battle-Royale mode ala PUBG in it. The actual mode diidentikkaan with a comprehensive battle arena, a massive number of players, the looting to strengthen themselves, and of course - efforts to ensure themselves survive and be the first at the end of the battle. A concept that will make games that actually had a unique charm of their own, to end up more fun and even more thrilling.

    How about you? Of all the cool games that exist, which games do you think could lead to a more cool and fun when he loaded the Battle-Royale mode ala PUBG in it? Feel free to comment and expand the list!

    Rate this article 10 Great Games that Need Mode PUBG Battle-Royale style

    (2.38/5) 13 rates


    This was a good Article.

    20 november 2018 21:57

    This game is so cool

    19 april 2020 23:40

    Ok, imagine Battle Royale mode in GTA V, I mean complete 100% Battle Royale mode... It's definitely gonna be ezpz

    12 january 2018 13:57