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    (4.27/5) 772 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 4 september 2020 11:34

    486 - game review.

    486 is an RPG retro-styled  game that's developed by Jared Hoffa
    In the game, we become a square that has to explore a city full of criminals! 

    Overall, the thing that makes this game great is the feeling of nostalgia  that the gameplay conveys.


    In the game, we become a square in a city full of dangerous residents!

    While walking on the streets of the dangerous city, we have to be careful because many people would attack us at any moment.
    Happily, when somebody wants to start a fight, we can just run away,
    but not always. Fighting other people can get us some decent amount of cash and rep. 


    One of the most important things in the game is the amount of health & energy we have. That's because we can't fight & earn money without having stable indicators.

    Mostly, we are dependent on energy  because it reduces our speed  when walking around the city. Because of that, we need to have energy drinks & some food in ourselves, so we can enjoy the gameplay without any interruptions.


    Let's talk more about our character

    In the beginning, our square has a house & a garage. If we want to, we can go to different pubs, gyms, and stores.
    However, if we want to enjoy these places truly, we need to have some cash  in ourselves.

    Buildings & Features

    I'll be honest with you; the game has a lot to offer. 

    Usually, beginners would use a bike in order to cover distances; however, players that have spent more time on the game can afford a nice vehicle. Unfortunately, they aren't so cheap, so you have to work hard to get what you want :D


    All stores in the game are well-equipped. You can find pretty much everything in all stores in the game such as weapons, beverages, food, cars, and so on. 

    Some stores are well-secured. It's very hard to rob a shop because if we try to, we can get jailed for a certain period of time.
    The jail system isn't my favorite because it wastes our health & energy. 


    Let's talk more about fights.

    In the beginning, we usually fight with people that have a low level, but there are moments in which we have to contend with residents at a higher level. Because of that, we always have to be well-equipped with drinks & food because fights are very exhausting for our character, and if we run out of health & energy, we would have to start the game all over again.

    Weapons are very
    beneficial when fighting because they deal a lot of damage when fighting with someone. I'd say that it's worth the efforts because we usually get better rewards (such as money & rep) when defeating residents at a higher level. 

    Graphics & Sounds

    Let's just be honest, okay? The graphics are outdated

    Notwithstanding  the outmoded graphics, they remind us of the times when the gaming industry wasn't as advanced as now.


    About the sounds. Well, they could be slightly irritating on moments, and unfortunately, there's no option to disable them in the game. 


    I give this game a 6/10


    I played this game for 1-2 hours, and I can't deny, it's a pretty addictive one! 

    In the very beginning, I thought that the gameplay as a whole is boring, but trust me, the game could be very addictive if you spent some time in it. The game reminds me of the '90s & '00s times, which made me feel pretty nostalgic about my childhood.

    Do I recommend it? Of course! If you're a fan of games from the '90s, then consider purchasing this one! 


    Rate this article 486 - game review.

    (4.27/5) 772 rates


    this game is interesting or article make it interesting

    6 may 2021 05:58

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    21 september 2020 07:05

    i didnt know this game and it kinda reminds me of sims. the article is pretty good and im going to test the game i´d love to try it

    20 january 2021 20:40

    While walking on the streets of the dangerous city, we have to be careful because many people would attack us at any moment.
    Happily, when somebody wants to start a fight, we can just run away, but not always. Fighting other people can get us some decent amount of cash and rep. 😍

    14 november 2020 19:03

    i like this game has their vibes a lot of fun producing this game dude

    11 may 2021 06:28

    nice review about 486. You consider everything that is including regarding this game and give us the oppo

    8 march 2021 11:10

    Nice article even though i despise the gaphics deeply, even though that has nothing to do with the way you spaced out, on point, good job ad continue the great job, going on, will support all the way, 5 stars.

    11 september 2020 13:46

    It was so interisting to see games like this old games are surely memorable and still fun to play , may i should try this one to play with my friends

    5 march 2021 09:02

    Trash graphics trash sounds trash gameplay and a old game this very amazing everyone need play this game.

    14 february 2021 22:30

    It was interesting to see the Gamehag giveaway of this game soon after your article devoted to it appeared :)

    Haven't tried 486 yet, but going to. I love old games, and this one has their vibes a lot.

    17 september 2020 20:19