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    (4.49/5) 231 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 15 september 2020 18:19

    Magic Nations - game review.

    Magic Nations is a card & strategy  game that was released in 2018 by the video game company called PrimeBit Games S.A. 
    In the game, all we have to do is fight against creatures from various races! 
    Overall, the thing that makes this game great is the great story & the decent quality of the graphics.


    The story takes place in the Kingdom of Humans.

    In the very beginning, we can see a father and a son talking about an experiment that was going to help them trap massive amounts of magical energy. The son was worried about the consequences after the attempt since nobody tried it before. But despite everything, his father was 100% sure that everything would go well if they did everything in accordance with their plan. Because of that, he told his son to gather the entire guild in the Great Hall to start the experiment.


    The ritual looks pretty compelling.
    Each person who participates in it has to prepare their crystal. That's because each crystal has the ability to save energy that comes from the spells of the master.

    When the ritual began, everything started shaking. The quake was so powerful that the members of the guild couldn't focus on both - trying to keep the power in the crystal & keep their balance. Due to the potency of the energy in the crystal, it suddenly broke.

    The consequences are worse than every person thought. The earthquake from the ritual was so powerful that people could feel it from other dimensions! Even the majority of extraterrestrials in the Orcs Camp. Compared to other creatures, the orcs were so happy because the ritual caused the opening of a portal that was going to help them return to their mainland, as they call it.


    The elves weren't so happy about the disaster.
    The preacher predicted another war that was going to destroy the continent entirely. Because of that, he stood up against his religion and decided to participate in the battle.


    The entire game is all about fighting other users through cards!
    In the game, we can fight against various creatures. Such as elves, orcs, humans, dwarves, amazons, and necromancers!


    Each card we use in the game has its own characteristics.
    It is true - in every card game, we need to have strong cards if we want to win, but a strategy is necessary too; it's easy to win a battle if you play your cards right.

    Each match has several rounds. The count of rounds depends on the duration of a fight; the longer we fight, the more series we will have to participate in. After the beginning of a new round, our player & the opponent get a card that we can use when we are on edge to lose a fight.

    One of the things which I like about the game is that we receive experience even if we lose a battle, but it doesn't change the fact that the winner takes the better rewards.


    I give this game a 7/10.

    To be honest, Magic Nations is a pretty addictive game! I never expected to enjoy it so much since I haven't played such a game for a long time.


    One of the things which I liked the game is the story. The conflicts between the mysterious creatures make me reminisce of my childhood timeline, which is an upside, tbh. Unfortunately, I still cannot say that the story is my favorite part due to the bad grammar & spelling mistakes in it; they spoil everything (at least in my opinion).

    The graphics are great! I don't detect any deficiency in them. The creators did a great job in this aspect!

    I was impressed by the developers' generosity because they offer a VIP Membership + additional in-game currency  for free!

    A big downside for me was that the game has bugs that could spoil our gameplay at any moment.
    Although the game was released in 2018, I'd say that there are many things that the developers have to work on.

    Do I recommend the game?
    Eh, it's a little bit hard for me to assess because the price is too high for such a game.
    However, if you enjoy strategy games & if you don't care about the prices, then yes, sure, I do.


    Rate this article Magic Nations - game review.

    (4.49/5) 231 rates


    And thank you for the article! It's nice to read the moderator's point of view :)

    19 october 2020 17:26

    Good article with interesting pictures. GOod job.

    19 october 2020 17:25

    good job

    17 september 2020 20:55

    Goood job! interesting game! and the concept is really nice

    26 september 2020 19:32

    really a nice game

    16 september 2020 12:54

    good job. I hope I can learn through reading of your article about the game

    19 september 2020 08:03

    Good one

    17 september 2020 19:47

    good game

    18 september 2020 03:15

    Can't help agreeing with you that Magic Nations is a pretty addictive game :) I still play it sometimes after finishing the task for Gamehag. Such a lovely one.

    And thank you for the article! It's nice to read the moderator's point of view :)

    17 september 2020 19:06

    Good article with interesting pictures. GOod job.

    16 september 2020 13:23