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    Rate this article " TF2 - is it still alive?"

    (5/5) 10 rates
    Vadeus, 1 december 2017 02:10

    TF2 - is it still alive?

    Well, the short answer is yes, it's alive, but no one wants short answers right?

    Well TF2 has been in development for 9 years! When it came out everyone was being crazy, buying hats, crafting them, trading, it was fun.

    Until some updates ruined the game, they reworked some weapons, which the community hates, 'cause they want their beloved weapons to be the same.
    TF2 went down after the gun mettle update, where they introduced skins, CS: GO much? And they introduce more!

    But TF2 really got shot down when Overwatch came out, Valve took Dota, Blizzard takes away TF2.

    Nonetheless, TF2 is a fun game, a great game indeed. I would still play it, collect hats, and do some crazy stuff. TF2 only comes alive when a new update is released, Like the jungle inferno update.
    They introduced new pyro weapons, a weapon for our beloved Hoovy too, and MORE SKINS, WTH VOLVO?

    Only veterans have stayed in TF2, the ones really devoted to the game, while new players will experience crappy gameplay since they face players who have spent over 1k hours in the game. I've seen a lot of gibus players,
    Really sad that they got to play in this day and age of TF2, 2013, TF2 was VERY lively, voice chat was fun, not necessarily competitive, people actually ENJOYED the game.

    Hopefully, they release something better than Overwatch (not like overwatch is good, but the hype really pushed it) TF3? Maybe? No...
    Gaben hates the number 3.

    If I would recommend an FPS game, it would be TF2, its free, lots of gameplay, and easy to learn.

    So is TF2 dead? No, not yet, its still coming back to life, it will take over the world again, someday.

    I want you guys to help revive TF2, and it's amazing content!

    Okay, this is the end folks, hope you enjoyed reading, and see you in the next, ARTICLE!

    Rate this article TF2 - is it still alive?

    (5/5) 10 rates


    Value will not let TF2 die because it is one of their biggest money makers

    19 april 2020 10:31

    I believe TF2 has like 2 or 13234234234 year left of it lifetime before it was officially dead

    16 october 2019 11:13

    yeah i think it will die too

    5 april 2020 19:29

    Tf2 is still fun and good

    21 september 2020 12:42

    Im a spy main and Tf2 was the first game I've picked up just like IBVL and I've been watching my brother playing valve games since I was kindergarden. TF2 CS Portal Half-Life. I'd play CS:S or maybe 1.6 I don't know how to play but I play it everyday. When i first have a pc. I downloaded TF2 and never quit playing but recently. I don't see old names appears in the Hong kong servers instad it is some new names. I don't know I should be happy because there are new players or should I be sad because my friends went to play other games. But i already accepted the truth that TF2 will die soon if there are no new updates in 2020. Valve please. I love this game I'e got 3000 hours and I want to keep playing those funny custom servers and The most competitive mode which is Casual. I've been crying while I'm typing this lol ;-;

    8 january 2020 17:06

    yes i think it will die for the next atleast 4 more years tf2 was the first game i evre picked up and i play ot 3 years later and 1500 hours and counting

    19 may 2019 12:44


    10 august 2019 13:05

    the community is the one keeping this game alive and if the community were to be gone, tf2 wouldve never lasted 11 years, honestly.

    9 november 2019 10:31