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    Rate this article "Dota 2 - Why being a support is so much fun"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    Vadeus, 1 december 2017 01:41

    Dota 2 - Why being a support is so much fun

    Now you may ask, "Vadeus, why is being a support so much fun you say?" Well, article viewer, you are right, all a support does is put wards and try to deny creeps right? NO, that is not the case

    A support is so much fun for my reasons:

    You can get away from stealing kills - this is more like a perk, saying "sorry for stealing" will definitely give you a "np" from a carry, you support him, so he doesn't have the right to complain :P
    Ward life is the good life - Now, warding will give your team advantages, like seeing an enemy on the high ground, increased ganking chances, and much more, wards can save lives, and take some too.
    You don't have the pressure of the world on your shoulders - You're a support, all you have to do is make sure your team is getting the kills, helping them survive, and don't die, while a carry has to decide which decision will make his team win.
    You won't get frustrated when you lose - Even if your team loses, you still feel like you won, all those wards you put? all the support you've done? Yeah, that's the good life. It will never be your fault when you lose (unless you feed to much and don't contribute to the team), it will be the carry's fault for not being good enough.
    That feeling of success when you help your teammates gank enemies - Yep, this feeling is great, and you tell yourself "Oh look, I did a great job I got over 30 assists".
    Trolling - nonetheless, this is the best of all my reasons, you can troll your teammates and get away with it, maybe push them into the enemy and tell them it wasn't you, or probably steal the aegis and tell them you're gonna carry. The satisfaction you get when they all go "Wtf, noob, report plz, why take aegis," This... this is the dream people.
    Now you may or may not be a support main, and you may or may not agree with me, all I can say is, Keep calm, and go support.

    Indeed, the Support role is very valuable to a team, without a support, the team will go haywire.

    No cour!
    No wards
    Why no gank!
    Why all farm?
    Report feeder
    All of the above mentioned might happen to a game without a support, a support balances the team,
    a support's main farm is from ganks, supports cant go jungle, can't they?
    They rarely push towers alone.

    Supports are frail little creatures, but when given a carry by his side, they would be UNSTOPPABLE.

    Alllllllllright guys, that's it for my article, hope you had a blast reading and see you in the next ARTICLE!

    Rate this article Dota 2 - Why being a support is so much fun

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    hard to be support,always get blamed

    20 december 2019 00:41