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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Warframe

    The reason it seems no reward cash works is because whatever bot that looks through this hasn't seen anything from warframe since the beta 4-5 years ago don't waste your time

    18 june 2018 11:55

    *** man why rejected is it because the lvel is 9 and not exactuly 4??

    18 june 2018 23:14

    I messaged them after they denied a level 5 weapon screenshot, they accepted it after things cleared up.

    23 june 2018 22:27

    Guys, you can´t just search for games you´ve already played and think you can complete quests that way. It needs to be a new account.

    25 june 2018 20:55

    I got refused twice but after submitting a petition i got accepted and i was wondering if i can continue doing the task for this game on my ps4 without issue?

    7 july 2018 00:31

    Are all weapons suppose to be level 4 or just one weapon?

    7 july 2018 04:35

    Does it have to be exactly 4 or? I don't understand why I got refused..

    8 july 2018 13:10

    i just send my pic of my wepons just now on my ipsd i play xbox one

    14 july 2018 18:37

    I had to make an appeal, but I managed to get my reward for my task in Warframe. Thank you

    15 july 2018 18:12

    can someone explain what it means by level 4 on a weapon

    21 july 2018 13:45

    Some things get refused and that is annoying me

    21 july 2018 17:24

    This game is so grindy :c

    29 july 2018 16:43

    Getting the best of the time to do this is the best way to get SGs just a random sentence

    29 july 2018 18:53

    Oh Boy! Warframe is Downloadable Game!!

    31 july 2018 13:35

    Best F2P MMO when it comes to trading and beauty... don't need to spend a dime after roughly 100 hours of grinding and selling low plat stuff. Know you just do a daily mission to get riven mod or farm a little and get a set and sell it for a 100+ plat, and reselling at higher levels is so easy that there is no excuse not to be able to work towards anything that costs plat. Community Traders are very friendly, rarely do i ever find someone rude and when I do they are rude because they try to rip you off but you catch them ;) haha. Grind is real though so after 100+ hours I would give this game 8/10

    4 august 2018 05:30

    Great game nice open world concept

    6 august 2018 07:33

    its been 7 hours for me
    i dont know what fast means to you

    8 august 2018 23:56

    Warframe is actually a cool game, sweet graphics and hilarious ragdolls. I didnt get the reward, even when it clearly shows it. Gonna try again.

    13 august 2018 12:52

    how long for something is accepted or declined? i maxed my warframe weapon just to be sure.

    14 august 2018 20:58

    Really grat game I have played it and I am happy with mechanics and everything

    28 august 2018 21:02

    I don't get why it rejects the picture with "Vor's Prize" completed and clearly visible.

    9 september 2018 23:52

    Why did they remove the game? :( I really like the game, but I can't get SGs out of it :(

    23 september 2018 17:05

    Love Warframe. One of the best games I have played.

    7 october 2018 20:49

    Really good game

    9 december 2018 14:16

    really great game I recomend it for everybody

    16 december 2018 13:54

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