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    (4.45/5) 1055 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Warframe

    i thin kthe game is really good especially as its F2P. it has a fully fledged campaign and a good multiplayer it is basically a third person destiny that is free and quite frankly i would like to say it is better as the mechanics feel more polished.

    12 april 2019 23:06

    how long does it take to complete all of the challenges can someone tell me

    17 april 2019 00:57

    the Best free third person game ever so good

    26 january 2020 14:31

    I never played this game but it looks like its cool you get what im saying?

    30 january 2020 11:38

    yeah you know what Im talking about yeah

    30 january 2020 11:39

    do you guys suggest any other games for me

    30 january 2020 22:04

    This game is good with friends =D

    30 january 2020 23:21

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    1 february 2020 08:47

    I have play this game before. I was level 10, but I need to register a new account to finish the task, so sad QQ

    2 february 2020 07:20

    суперская игра, просто рублюсь и кайфую от нее

    2 february 2020 12:58

    guys is this worth the SG im wondering if i should do it

    2 february 2020 20:06

    Interesting game, all task work for me - recommended :thumbsup:

    4 february 2020 02:30

    игра очень класная просто мой комп не тянет

    4 february 2020 17:42

    sThis game is honestly a Great game and I'd suggest IF you are into farming. this game is a HUGE grind. at first you'll think it's pretty funny but as you dive further into the game you'll realize just how much you really need to grind on well EVERYTHING but farming aside it's a rly fun gamee that I'd suggest giving a try. cons: every single thing in the game is a grind
    pros: Great graphics, meh story and great combat with smooth controls

    5 february 2020 05:01

    must play free to play on steam, fun with friends. Space ninja.

    5 february 2020 05:11

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    5 february 2020 08:59

    i played this game but the time gos one and its kinda boring now but still a good game:grinning:

    5 february 2020 09:33

    The game is really good. Very very good.

    5 february 2020 12:40

    Really good graphics, and also interesting gameplay

    5 february 2020 17:45

    Игра топ! Всем советую поиграть!!

    6 february 2020 21:13

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    7 february 2020 06:43

    harvest moon is a great game wanna try it guys DS

    7 february 2020 07:21

    The first few hours are really fun. then you realise that all the levels are just the same thing on repeat

    7 february 2020 07:22

    league of legends asdadasdasdasdasdasdasdasd

    7 february 2020 07:23


    7 february 2020 07:23

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