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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Warframe

    well, all weapons and the character on lvl 4+, lets see if i get refused again

    29 august 2017 05:49

    You know the sad thing, I'm not going to try this one. I have an account with F2P progress only. I spent so much time grinding I have weapons leveled over twice if not 3 times over. I have almost every war frame, some are primed and I spend time being a fair vendor. These points are already in the palm of my hands but because of how game hag often denies proof. I can already tell how this will end.

    30 august 2017 12:33

    I cant make a new account

    8 september 2017 13:32

    This site isn't a scam as far as I know, but the soul gem system is absolutely stupid sometimes...

    15 september 2017 23:09

    yea. sometimes this site is kinda dumb

    17 september 2017 04:57

    Just submitted my pic only took 2 missions after the tutorial make sure to use the same weapon to kill everyone to make it lvl faster. will up date if they accepte.

    1 october 2017 14:22

    Got accepted that was fast :smile: now go look at my neverwinter submission plz

    1 october 2017 14:28

    Someone says, that it is 1/2-1 hour to level 4 ...

    10 october 2017 00:09

    if ive never played on ps4 and choose to sign up using my psn... will it still meet this * criteria? *("You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!")

    10 october 2017 19:53

    Why was my picture refused? what do you want to see my username too? ive been playing the game for over a year and have 682 hours in game...

    27 october 2017 21:28

    Yes, i need to create new account and download this game using the "Play for free" button.

    9 november 2017 10:19

    I've clicked on the button "free to play" created an account, and have gotten my weapons to rank 21 and both images have been declined, why am I being declined if I created it from here and still isn't being accepted?

    19 november 2017 02:45

    *** is this, i clicked the Free to Play button created an account, got all my weapons to rank 5 and 6 and my Excaliber to 5 and still wont accept the screenshot, i ahve tried 4 times already???

    23 november 2017 20:37

    Looks like a MOBA? It's the mmofps that most people were accusing Destiny of ripping off. So imagine Destiny with A LOT more content for free. It's also the 4th most played game on Steam after PUBG, CS:GO and DOTA 2.

    24 november 2017 18:38

    I literally sent my steam page screenshot that i've played the game and it was rejected. Wow.

    6 december 2017 20:34

    what do i need to do to not get refused?

    21 january 2018 14:34

    this game is my favourite, and i got total 950+ hours playing this game

    17 may 2018 00:04

    dont feel like wasting space

    29 may 2018 03:36

    I always experience these problems but just keep sending different screenshots. It can take like 50 tbh but still.

    30 may 2018 15:29

    Honestly u might aswell send a picture of your total playtime if they don't accept anything anyways.

    30 may 2018 17:43

    The graphics looks good for a free game.

    10 june 2018 17:48

    The reason it seems no reward cash works is because whatever bot that looks through this hasn't seen anything from warframe since the beta 4-5 years ago don't waste your time

    18 june 2018 11:55

    *** man why rejected is it because the lvel is 9 and not exactuly 4??

    18 june 2018 23:14

    I messaged them after they denied a level 5 weapon screenshot, they accepted it after things cleared up.

    23 june 2018 22:27

    Guys, you can´t just search for games you´ve already played and think you can complete quests that way. It needs to be a new account.

    25 june 2018 20:55

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