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    Star Stable

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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Stable

    this game is for me all .horses, nature and the freedom what you want to wash

    17 march 2020 15:51

    this game is awesome i love it . i love horses my favorite is apaloosa.

    17 march 2020 16:37

    I don't really like it, its for little kids. But even when I was like 8 or something I still hated it lol

    18 march 2020 18:09

    Even though controls are not the smoothest it's a nice game especially for kids. Reminds me of the games

    18 march 2020 18:10

    Really fun game if you love horses and bright colors ;)

    19 march 2020 11:55

    this game is great I enjoy it a lot, it's epic!!

    19 march 2020 16:41

    Every fiber of my being is yelling at me for playing this.

    20 march 2020 06:19

    Well I already saw many things, but when I saw this so I wanted to cry...

    20 march 2020 22:21

    It's intriguing and like mrssalter said, has a nice storyline. It's a good game (imo) but it's really up to personal preference whether it's worth it or not.

    21 march 2020 13:14

    i don't really like horses soo... not the game for me xD

    21 march 2020 20:33

    ike this game, but its not like for my age

    22 march 2020 14:23

    Likes horses like this game like life hart hart

    22 march 2020 20:45

    Really good game :) I very like to play this game.

    23 march 2020 16:56

    this game is pretty good for kids who like horses

    23 march 2020 19:51

    I'm stuck on level 2 as I'm meant to return to Justin but he's not marked on my minimap and nowhere to be found

    23 march 2020 23:02

    the controls for this game were so bad and confusing.

    24 march 2020 02:03

    i dont know why, but i cant even make an account. It always sayis that something whent wrong

    24 march 2020 10:50

    yea me to it is kind of boring and for younger kids but no hard feelings

    24 march 2020 19:15

    "A task for Star Stable has been rejected. It seems like you haven't registered a new account in the game"
    But this is a new account, and exactly the same account as a used for my previous screenshot!

    25 march 2020 14:58

    even though the control isnt that good buts its accutally soo good to play really fun

    26 march 2020 02:20

    OK, I just resumbited a new screenshot and they accepted it - bizarre how the first one failed

    26 march 2020 09:51

    szerintem a star stable egy nagyon jó játék érdemes star ridernek lenni mert akkor hozzáférsz jorvik egész világához nagyon jó játék ajánlom minden lovas embernek meg úgy mindenkinek:)

    26 march 2020 11:27

    awsome game for kids who are in quarantine 2020

    26 march 2020 23:06

    goog game every ghing works well so the game is good for me n you

    27 march 2020 10:11

    bruh why is this game even on this platfrom

    28 march 2020 17:54

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