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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Star Stable

    Thats sweet, they deleted my post ! i didn`t even cursed or anything , i was only expressing my dissapointment for refusing my 2 and half hours of pain to reach the task requirements and i still got refused !

    15 august 2017 17:27

    How do u need to take the photo? Im keep on sending different screen shots and they are keep on rejecting

    30 september 2017 11:13

    It is NOT good that number of Gems is changing :slight_frown: ...

    5 october 2017 20:59

    The in-game map sucks and the horse controls are meh. This is the first game I played that made me wish it was more buggy so I could clip past objects rather than get stopped by a blasted tree every time my horse turned a corner like a baked potato on wheels.

    21 november 2017 05:24

    clearly the screenshot shows a level 5 character, and they, refuse the task.

    16 december 2017 15:23

    intense riding simulation for 6 year old girls begins at this moment/

    14 august 2018 19:21

    So I just sent a screenshot of the game after completing the lvl 2 task but Im not sure how the picture should be as it just got rejected?

    8 september 2018 04:05

    My Wife really loves it. The target audience is 6 to 12 year old little girls, but she says that with the sound up high enough, the hoofbeat sounds are really realistic to each gait, but agrees that the turning radious even on a real horse is a little tighter than what it is in this game. its not enough to stop you from wanting a subscription so she can collect more of her favorite horses though.

    10 september 2018 20:21

    I can't understand how i'm going to get my username displayed there because i cannot choose it because it's not in list whyy help me ...

    2 october 2018 22:17

    The developers could really focus on the mechanics.

    7 october 2018 16:18

    Even though controls are not the smoothest it's a nice game especially for kids. Reminds me of the games i used to play when I was younger :smile: If anyone is having trouble sending the proof, for me it worked fine when i just opened my character profile and took a screenshot with print screen + paint (and save it as a jpeg instead of png).

    7 october 2018 22:29

    i love this game i even have a star rider life time in game its cool an fun if you like horses:heart_eyes:

    20 october 2018 14:01

    I just finished all the tasks, and they all got approved

    1 december 2018 09:53

    Even tho this is a girls game ill still play it for sg

    21 december 2018 23:29

    I see one of the requirements for getting your task accepted is to have a similar username to the one you have on gamehag, but the choice for names in the game is limited?

    25 december 2018 00:19

    that game is not so bad finally

    28 december 2018 01:31

    okay its my job

    31 december 2018 07:31

    this is kinda nostalgic for me lol
    i remember playing crappy games like this

    2 january 2019 08:14

    .... I dont have a word

    6 january 2019 15:57

    Not worth it

    6 january 2019 20:57

    The controls on this game are absolutely abysmal.

    10 january 2019 02:26

    is it worth doing this one, there's literally no gems to earn and i don't wanna spend to much time on this game.

    12 january 2019 17:03

    this is a fun game

    13 january 2019 00:00

    nice game

    13 january 2019 01:50

    nice game

    13 january 2019 06:55

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