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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Piano tiles 2

    This game is about clicking on tiles fast. It sounds very simple but it's fun and addictive once you try it

    10 may 2020 18:09

    Played this game alot and to be honest I was a Pro in this game

    11 may 2020 00:00

    this game is good, play every day, fun guaranteed

    11 may 2020 01:17

    great time killer and a reaction-time trainer

    12 may 2020 10:26

    Nice little game to pass the time when your bored :joy:

    12 may 2020 10:31

    It`s a nice game and its like the smaller version of guitar hero

    12 may 2020 15:47

    This game is good but i believe it has way too many ads

    13 may 2020 07:13

    it is a good game its one of the greatest games on the store idont no what to do

    13 may 2020 09:44

    i like this game this game is rlly good like osu or idk

    13 may 2020 09:46

    i really love this gam and it contains my favourite song, which is high hoops

    14 may 2020 15:57

    can this game teach me piano , if u know guys tell

    14 may 2020 17:44

    nice game, but it has many ads sadly. it has some good music seletctions.

    14 may 2020 18:44

    Passes time really great. It also has a system so you can challenge your friends!

    17 may 2020 08:52

    this game is very difficult but also fun. I play in it on my smartphone. It challenges my reaction and hand-eye coordination

    17 may 2020 09:29

    my brother loves this game.
    he plays it daily...

    17 may 2020 22:18

    This is really good and super challenging

    18 may 2020 06:16

    This game is very good it is fun to play and the music is nice

    19 may 2020 03:26

    But it doesn't very accurately represent a real piano

    19 may 2020 03:27

    It was good, but I think it has reached the peek and now the game is boring

    19 may 2020 09:00

    piano tiles 2 is such a soothing game, relaxing music, you have alot to choose from. its a fun game.

    20 may 2020 15:08

    I love the amount of tracks in this game. It's also a very challening game so it can entertain you for a very long time. REcommended

    20 may 2020 19:40

    Pretty fun game. Used to play it but now I don't because it is filled with ads. Perhaps if they removed ads and updated songs more often I would like it more??

    21 may 2020 22:49

    Love the game, but its a shame they made some of the music paid...

    22 may 2020 16:42

    this game is really good, play every day, fun guaranteed

    24 may 2020 14:32

    You really need to have a fast finger until you become a pro. Tried this game already and it's a good one.

    24 may 2020 14:44

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