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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Piano tiles 2

    it has alot of songs so its pretty nice to be honest

    16 february 2020 15:06

    I really enjoyed this game but i think its just getting old i would like if they remade and make it more interactive

    17 february 2020 20:41

    Is good and can let us know the music

    18 february 2020 09:02

    It has many songs that you can discover!

    19 february 2020 06:39

    The game looks really good.
    Is this a mobile game or ps game?

    20 february 2020 01:46

    This game is relaxing and good songs

    20 february 2020 02:16

    THis game is so good that i grinded it alot

    22 february 2020 08:53

    heiiiiiii play, i m playing CSGO

    22 february 2020 09:54

    we all need level 3 so yeah, ain't nothing like a good salad

    22 february 2020 21:07

    does playing this game make me earn exp?

    21 april 2020 03:50

    such a good time waster, especially on long trips that i only have my phone with me on

    25 april 2020 11:44

    it's a very good game to pass time and listen to the rhytms or the musics, i actually play the piano so sometimes when i play this i hear the g minor and such, it's quite confusing because i forgot what i am doing at times, but nonetheless it's a very good game that they made, just wish i could gain back my old account, i have to start at the slow songs agains, and it's too slow for me.

    5 may 2020 00:16

    This is a good game and you cant hack it but i just did that.And guess what u only need your hand soo if ur interested please respond to this commentHaaaave a nice day and see ya tommorow/))

    5 may 2020 21:55

    pretty good game not gonna lie but it have so much ads be i give it 8/10 :)

    6 may 2020 02:15

    This is a good game, but it is really pretty hard. I like it because it is a developing on a unique concept.

    6 may 2020 02:44

    i like the game because of the music xd especially when my network dies lol

    7 may 2020 03:10

    his game is good, play every day, fun guaranteedgood game but so haves much ads I like musics of this game

    7 may 2020 18:16

    i am in the leaderboards and i am happy!

    8 may 2020 00:28

    i did a 3 crowns score like at level 1 almost first try ;D was so easy

    8 may 2020 02:18

    one of the games that chills me in fasten my hands

    8 may 2020 13:45

    it gets easy if u get used to it and it's acool game for mobile and to improve ur reaction

    9 may 2020 19:39

    the game is nice and i like to play it the game is nice and i like to play it the game is nice and i like to play itthe game is nice and i like to play it

    10 may 2020 01:10

    Good time waster innit, pretty satisfying landing lots of tiles. a good game for passing time.

    10 may 2020 01:34

    Cool for creating music from the radio in a game.

    10 may 2020 03:39

    nice game to learn piano it's one of my favorite game.

    10 may 2020 15:35

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