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    Lords Mobile

    (4.4/5) 35626 rates

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach Castle level 11 and get "Winning Start" pack

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Lords Mobile

    Great game. Definitely worth the try.

    17 january 2020 06:19

    I dont like this game. The name of in-game systems is always very similar and can be mistaken all the time. Its also pay to win, which makes sense since its a mobile game, but it involves 0 skill. 0/10

    18 january 2020 16:46

    Don't Really like it, I've played it before and at first, it really is addictive but once you get to higher levels it's hard to play especially when you feel the game gets too grindy.

    22 january 2020 07:10

    It's like a generic mobile village app but for some reason I quite like it

    22 january 2020 23:19

    duydum gibi,iyi midir kötü müdür bilmiyorum

    25 january 2020 16:30

    not bad, too many clickbait advertisements, though. I don't understand why so many people promote it.

    27 january 2020 02:25

    this game is actually bad it got nothing to do its litterly SO BAD IN MY OPINION DONT GET MAD OK

    28 january 2020 08:00

    my frinds told me not get this game caause it has so many ads and its not fun

    28 january 2020 14:34

    any suggestion on what game to play its been a boring week

    28 january 2020 14:35

    Didnt get paid for attacking a level 2 monster...

    29 january 2020 00:22

    This game is real good without those ads.

    3 february 2020 11:57

    i would never play this game, i only played it because of some points for other app

    3 february 2020 14:37

    I just started to play this game for sg, and actually I like it, its good game and I didnt expect it..

    7 february 2020 09:16

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Eu nisl nunc mi ipsum faucibus vitae aliquet nec. Sem et tortor consequat id porta. Eleifend mi in nulla posuere sollicitudin. Ac auctor augue mauris augue.

    8 february 2020 07:40

    just started to play this game for sg, and actually I like it, its good game and I didnt expect it..

    9 february 2020 12:04

    Gerçekten Çok İyi Bir Oyun Bunu Bir Yere Not Alıcam

    9 february 2020 12:05

    Teşekkürler Bunu Kim Yazdıysa Çok Saolsun :D

    9 february 2020 12:09

    I think LM is boring. Who agree?

    9 february 2020 13:11

    Ne Kadar İyi Yaratıcı İnsanlar Varya

    9 february 2020 13:37

    Valla Tebrik Ediyorum Sizi Ya Çok İyisiniz

    9 february 2020 13:37

    Kurana El Basıyorum Ki Gerçekten Çok İyi Bir İçerik

    9 february 2020 13:38

    İyiki Gamehagı Tanımışım Bilmeseydim Hiç Kazancım Olmazdı yaa

    9 february 2020 13:39

    ok i will need to comment more than 40 symbol **** its hard to get exp now

    16 february 2020 05:32

    just trying to farm exp dont mind about me so much

    16 february 2020 05:32

    well since u want to comment to get free xp u have to wait for about a minutes or maybe 30 secs to comment

    16 february 2020 05:33

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