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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Lords Mobile

    I only played this game so i could get soul gems? you should play and get castle level 14

    12 january 2022 08:39

    I finished level 14 and even reached level 19 and took Winning Start but I didn't get anything does anyone know how to solve this quest?

    15 january 2022 16:30

    Its very hard for free2play players and way to pay2win you need no skill for this game if you have money i really dont like this game.

    19 january 2022 08:10

    The authentic description of the sport states that it has extra than two hundred million players around the arena. In 2016, Lords mobile won the Google Play Awards for "great competitive game", and in 2017 it changed into nominated for "fine Multiplayer game" and known as "Android Excellence recreation" by using Google.

    19 january 2022 09:56

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