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    About Lineage 2: Helios

    Take a bottle of water and a snack before sitting in front of your keyboards and mouses, because there you have something you won’t be able to break away from! Lineage 2: Helios is a free-to-play MMORPG game set in a world overwhelmed by war and treason.
    Just at the beginning, the game gives us many possibilities; during the character creation we can choose our race, our class, our gender, our face and hairstyle. Some of these options are cosmetic, but the first two of them have an impact on initial character stats. A part of the classes can be unlocked only after reaching a specific level.
    Our character is enhanced with our gameplay advancement. There are 50 different skills available for us at various levels. We can also customize your avatar’s appearance through a wide range of accessories, jewellery or summons.
    Through various accessories, we can upgrade our weapon and attacks, in order to be better prepared for fights, as with the AI that in PvP.
    Besides the fights, the features and extended quests won’t let you get bored. That’s why you should play it now!
    P.S. Be careful, the karma may return!

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    Comments for Lineage 2: Helios (83) -

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    8 october 2017 20:19

    Nice game and many souls gem.

    10 october 2017 14:20

    Error, telling me to restart PC. If it fails again, which it does, contact support. I'm not going through that much trouble.

    12 october 2017 12:10

    Quite a shame though, that's 550 Soul gems I'll be missing out on.

    12 october 2017 17:08


    13 october 2017 01:50

    i even failed with installing this game.

    13 october 2017 01:52

    i agree. the "play for free" link leads to a "install game" website. no registration site. and it wants so much permission and other tings. this game seems not legit. please check the games before you make tasks for them, gamehag team.

    15 october 2017 00:53

    Я выполнил все условия. Так почему же они отказали мне в задаче?

    20 october 2017 17:25

    It redirected me also on "download" page ...

    8 november 2017 14:41

    good game and reward too

    14 november 2017 12:14

    Uea good, game i like it it is nice yea


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