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    (4.3/5) 207 notes
    Minifkta, 2 mai 2020 00:19

    Roblox Cursed islands

    Try to choose the good islands

    Cursed Islands is a plate-based survival game using naval-based thematic props such as islands, octopi, and bays.

    This game was created by the group "Seven Levels" - most notably the two users illuzive, known for creating the scripts and UI design, and nojustethan. The group, however, has only 7,000 members, most of whom are followers of the game.

    As of May 28, 2018, this place has accumulated over 10,000,000 visits and 100,000 favourites, and has a like-dislike ratio of approximately 79.1%, with about 19,000 likes and 5,000 dislikes. In addition, between April 2018 to May 2018, this place was first introduced to the "Featured" category on the front page.


    When a round starts, all players that are ready or available will be teleported into the arena, on an island, appearing as the players waking up from their unconsciousness. There are a total of sixteen plates for each round.

    First, everyone will only have a few seconds to move onto an island if they wish. After the said time period, the opportunity is gone, having water fill-up the arena and killing any player who falls into the water.

    Then, events will happen on a random selection of islands. These events will either be beneficial, such as giving a sword to every recipient on an island, or the events could be deadly, such as the giant octopus inevitably crushing the island you stand on.


    Évaluez cet article Roblox Cursed islands

    (4.3/5) 207 notes


    bon jeu mais assez vide

    21 janvier 2023 21:52

    je l'adore

    22 février 2023 17:44

    Cest trop bien ce jeu la

    22 juin 2023 23:28

    assez vide mais bon jeu

    1 mars 2023 14:17


    3 juin 2023 22:20

    cool je ne l'adoor pas

    28 mai 2023 11:07

    cest un tres bon jeu

    15 février 2023 15:15