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    How to get robux?

    When i go to rewards and find robux it says: this reward is currently unavaible: Help

    29 april 2019 17:38 2173

    just buy it

    29 april 2019 23:09 2173

    Buy with credit card

    29 april 2019 23:11 2173

    @AIIKORP As announced on the Gamehag Community (Discord), withdrawing Robux from Gamehag is currently unavailable until further notice.

    This is the original text:

    Anthony_Gamehag 04/04/2019

    @everyone 👋 Hi guys. We just wanted to clear the air around the recent Robux deliveries situation.
    We've decided to refund all of the pending Robux - you should receive the equivalent of it in SG by now.

    We're very sorry for how it went down. However, we promise you that we are still working very hard on providing you a with a reliable way of
    withdrawing Robux from Gamehag without any delays or other issues, and we won't let you down.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding - we will keep you updated!

    30 april 2019 04:38 2173

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