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    "AFK Arena" reward problem

    Receive SG for reaching LV20 but no reward for LV32 ... HOW and WHY is this possible and can i do something to receive mine reward now

    23 april 2019 21:42 1628

    Is it your first time playing or even downloading the game?, If not, then that is the problem.

    Else, contact support and send them your screenshot to have it validated.

    23 april 2019 23:08 1628

    Support might help

    24 april 2019 00:29 1628

    idk maybe well im level 2 soo.....

    24 april 2019 12:07 1628

    ofc its my 1st time .. i receive the 1st reward .. but got problem with 2nd .. and its mobile game ... there is no need of screenshot .. should be automatik ...i`m LVL39 now and still nothing

    24 april 2019 21:55 1628

    What is the reason as to why you got denied?

    25 april 2019 01:24 1628

    I have this problem too idk what do . The support doesnt help me -___-

    25 april 2019 11:26 1628

    It worked for me instantly.

    25 april 2019 13:06 1628

    As soon as i reached the required level, i got the notification from gamehag that i got my SG.

    25 april 2019 13:07 1628

    You can only get one reward for the offerwall games, as a rule. They all say "new players only." Sounds like you already got your gems.

    25 april 2019 13:29 1628

    none of my tasks get credited, so i dunno

    25 april 2019 13:56 1628

    there is no reason to accept the 1st reward and denied 2nd ...it was my first time instaling and playing this game and their tasks was on 2 stages ...so if you accept the 1st stage of reward you should accept the 2nd too .. idk where is the problem and why they refuse to give me SGs that i earned fair by playing their game from the offer wall

    25 april 2019 17:34 1628

    i guess that they dont want to give easy SG so you can slave here and be poor rat for the rest of your life

    25 april 2019 17:35 1628

    If it where 2 different tasks, you will receive only sg for the one you clicked. Because it says you have to be a new user, it won’t accept the 2nd one(or you have to start from the beginning).

    25 april 2019 20:41 1628

    afk arena doesnt work i think
    it is not connected

    25 april 2019 21:27 1628

    the tasks are with same attitude ... (reaching player LVL) ... why should i start over again .... and i cant start the game from the begining .... doesnt make any sense

    26 april 2019 11:47 1628

    Yes, it makes sense. You arent a new user anymore! If you start again you are a new user.

    26 april 2019 12:11 1628

    :D, i dont gain any gem from game, they just rejected it by i'm not new user :D. really confused with this system

    27 may 2019 10:23 1628

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