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    Have not Been Given Rewards

    So ive had a few rewards dispersed but I won a nice CS skin thats been going on 4 days now and it still hasn't cleared or updated. How do I get support?

    4 april 2019 21:37 1628

    Did you open it from a case or you bought it? If you bought it while you were still level 3 and then you got down to level 2 due to spams then i think that's the case. Otherwise, you should contact -

    5 april 2019 03:47 1628

    - support to help you, go click the support section on gamehag, you can find their e-mail but i doubt they would respond, they have been inactive lately. But you should try

    5 april 2019 03:47 1628

    It takes some time to recieve rewards. I've ordered two rewards so far on this site; both game keys. The first was delivered after 18 days. The second hasn't been delivered yet, but today's the 18th day that I've been waiting on it too, so maybe today they'll send it. Both of the game keys said they had a "24 hour" delivery time.

    If I continue to use the site, I hope they'll try to deliver orders more quickly.

    6 april 2019 17:31 1628

    ask to support

    6 april 2019 21:08 1628

    @Tahai999, congratulations with your xp reduction

    7 april 2019 02:01 1628

    Xp reduction?

    7 april 2019 04:34 1628

    The same problem here!
    I receive from case a SSG skin and i'm still waiting 4-thy day...
    whats going on ?

    7 april 2019 09:20 1628

    @MeisterAxe, he's clearly spamming @pikomiko00, it will arrive, you just need patience

    7 april 2019 12:13 1628

    @WoofForWaffle, goodluck with your xp reduction too

    7 april 2019 16:30 1628

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