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    World of Tanks

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    Tips for new players

    Can somebody who plays this game very much type some tips for me.Because i want to start playing it but i still dont understand the games mechanics and what are some best places to be,tactics,where to shoot the tank etc etc.Thanks in advance

    4 february 2019 16:47 1

    Last I played (2014) You have to put winning to the back of your mind. You have to focus on what Tech Tree you want to invest in. Being Nation: USSR, USA, Germany..etc. And being "tank" type: Light, Medium, Heavy, Tank Destroyer, SPG. Then, you have to grind for credits and XP to level up and unlock what you want. It's personal preferance. As for in-game, the biggest newbie tip I can give is stick with your team. Watch where the majority of your team is pushing on the map and back them up. Usually that gives you 60-40 odds of winning. Good luck.

    16 february 2019 23:12 1

    When you are playing with a tank use it's best sides like speed or armour, keep looking for enemy week points like turret rewers and penetratable spots (use armour penetration marker you can find in settings). Sometimes you you can also watch streamers playing and learn from them. And one more mistake starters do - don't sell tanks as son as possible. If you like the tank - play with it and earn some credits :)

    23 february 2019 19:57 1

    It's still worth to start playing WoT? Or start something newer like war of warships.

    1 march 2019 16:35 1

    id like to know too cuz i keep dieing in that game lol

    2 march 2019 14:42 1

    Have all of you tried a thing called ''Sidescraping'', where u have to tilt your tank in a way, that if the enemy shoots you, it will ricochet off of ur armor. Also try to stick with your team.

    21 april 2019 23:31 1

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