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    CSGO skin reward

    I am wondering how Gamehag decides what quality skin you get, e.g. FN, MW, etc. Do they randomly choose, or do they just choose the cheapest one?

    22 january 2019 22:26 1628

    I think it's either random or the cheapest one.

    23 january 2019 06:16 1628

    i'm going to buy skin from box i hope i can get something good

    25 january 2019 15:20 1628

    I'm buy skin past week, but skin not delivery to my steam acc

    25 january 2019 15:42 1628

    @maki0000 i have the same problem, they say you'd have to really wait to get the reward

    25 january 2019 16:07 1628

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