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    Human Fall Flat: A Game Review

    Hi! Here i will present you a super cool and hilarious game: Human Fall Flat


    Human Fall Flat is a platform video game (local or online) developed by No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital.
    It was released on July 2016 on Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS.
    May 2017, the creators decided to make a verision for playstation 4 and Xbox.
    And finally, after much waiting, he goes out on Nintendo Switch in December 2017.

    The goal of the game is to go through all different levels of each other filled with enigma of all kinds, so it will take a brain to find the solution every time.

    Unfortunately, this game contains only one game mode but is good enough to talk about it.

    The Game Mode:

    This is not really a game mode but levels, there are plenty, and you can spend more than an hour on each of them!

    exemple: Aztec level

    Enter the Aztec Temple solving riddles harder than the others, working cooperatively to find the solution and get you out of this raging level!
    A max of laughter and fun for you and all your friends.

    the last level that came out:

    The level: DARK was released not long ago especially for Halloween!
    In this level, try to solve riddles to enter the haunted castle of human fall flat.

    But it's not that easy, already, you have to find a way out of the house from the beginning right?
    Then look for batteries that will feed you even with the disastrous physics of the game!
    I will not spoil you anymore.


    Like gang beast, we have a very large skin choice! Skins that never end!
    You can choose Mario or a constructor.
    A cactus or a plant etc...

    You see, be as stylish as you wanted in front of people! And impress them when you make super smart reflections


    Multiplayer is funnier than solo because watching others move and solving riddles as well as fighting to cross or throw oneself into the void is hilarious!
    You can join the party or simply make the AFK that does not move laughing in front of your pc.
    You can be 5 or 6 in the game and each person who joins falls from the sky as if nothing had happened!
    Oh yes, when one of the players passes a checkpoint, no need to do all the courses, made a reset of your character and you will get there.


    A graphics very beautiful and you can easily play despite the disastrous movements of the characters.
    Very good vote on Steam.
    Fun assured.
    Maps that come out every month or more.


    Game life too short, fortunately it comes out of the levels every time
    Very difficult controls


    Human Fall Flat is a great game that deserves a lot more success, despite these controls hard and its low level, we can easily have fun so I give a 7/10

    Sorry if it's too short but i have nothing to say about it

    13 january 2019 11:06 1625

    I posted this article on the forum because of some spelling mistakes and I agree with you, that the length of this article is short. Generally speaking, the content is just like "touch and go".

    13 january 2019 11:26 1625

    no problem dude

    13 january 2019 11:27 1625

    Interesting. Nice work.

    13 january 2019 11:56 1625

    Was looking for this game

    15 january 2019 13:06 1625

    its a funny game but not the best, this is a ctrl-c and ctrl-v game.

    15 january 2019 15:21 1625

    ez game tbh

    15 january 2019 15:42 1625

    Great review. Have it in my library for a while, and this makes me want to try it the next chance I have

    18 january 2019 16:37 1625

    But it's not that easy, already, you have to find a way out of the house from the beginning right?

    18 january 2019 16:42 1625

    I think It is very halerious game... Ialways laugh at it...

    19 january 2019 19:07 1625

    ez game :)

    30 january 2019 00:06 1625

    This game caught my attention when it got out but I have never been pulled enough to try it. Thanks for the review. I like puzzles.

    3 february 2019 20:37 1625

    My favorite youtuber jelly plays this game a lot

    6 february 2019 16:22 1625

    this is very nice game

    7 february 2019 14:50 1625

    Would you guys say this game is worth buying?

    7 february 2019 14:59 1625

    very nice game

    8 february 2019 13:43 1625

    good review

    8 february 2019 18:21 1625

    i like this game and i rate 8/10

    8 february 2019 19:53 1625

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