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    I want to report @hordozhato1 for spam that may only be considered as spam when all the posts are considered together. He posted a few messages like "xxx best game" in rapid succesion in one topic. Alone the messages may not be considered as spam, but together they can be considered as spam. The posts have already been reported.

    19 july 2019 12:14 1628

    "Spam" can be considered as messages that have the same meaning repeatedly

    19 july 2019 12:33 1628

    I get that, but I don't know whether the moderator queue shows them all the messages around the message reported

    19 july 2019 16:26 1628

    It feels like there needs to be more hands. I see a lot of spam.

    28 july 2019 21:05 1628

    @dudenstuden Agreed. The forum has been filled with spam for like a week and hardly any of the posts have been removed. Sadly, there aren't any offers to recruit more mods to help getting rid of the spam.

    29 july 2019 08:27 1628

    so, I check this group that I joined a long time ago and the very first thing I see is straight up this dude literally spamming the whole group thread! I'm not saying like, 4 or 5 spam but the entire group! How can people still spam like this!!! his name is "vanoss3" if anyone sees him, report him!
    also, The group's name is "dont_waste" it's literally full of spam and I'm trying to quit this dumb group! (if anyone knows how, tell me)

    6 august 2019 20:04 1628

    Bumping this thread to the front page.

    26 august 2019 13:58 1628

    So are you just a moderator of the forum or do you actually work for gamehag. I recently posted a topic in genaral.. take a look lemme know if its inappropriate or spam xD

    15 september 2019 18:42 1628

    There's literally spam in every single thread out there and they don't remove it anymore. Can one of the mods tell why there's no spam removing anymore?

    16 september 2019 08:41 1628

    yes, please find a way to make everyone read this, so people stop spamming

    21 september 2019 21:24 1628

    Can you report the title of a thread by reporting the first comment of the thread?

    18 october 2019 14:41 1628

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