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    【Penalities】XP taken away, bans and more.


    From FAQ:

    On the Forums and in the Articles you cannot publish the content that:
    - violates the law,
    - propagates fascism or any other totalitarian system,
    - incites to hatred (on national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds),
    - shows pornography,
    - is insulting or offensive,
    - advertise other portals or entities (without the approval of the administrator of the site).

    From Terms:

    It is prohibited to disseminate – as part of content of the posts – information that breaches the law, including in particular information propagating fascist or totalitarian systems and instigating hatred on the grounds of differences in nationality, ethnic background, race, religion or on the grounds of irreligion.

    It is prohibited to disseminate pornographic content, in particular by soliciting pornography or soliciting unlawful sexual activity, including with minors.

    Posts placed by Forum Users shall not breach personal interests of other Users or established customs and they shall not contain any vulgar or offensive content.

    In short, be nice and sensible. Additionally, do not spam.

    14 january 2019 16:46 1628

    Does threads like this considered spam?

    I hit report on some of them but I think one of them is a mod.
    I think I'm done for now before I get into trouble.

    and just now I accidentally reported someone I should not.
    That's it I now close the site...

    14 january 2019 17:13 1628

    I do hope these penalties don't wrongfully land on those whose articles were wrongfully rejected as plagiarism/spam. It happened to me yesterday. Ironically, I'm pretty sure those spam votes came from spammers themselves.

    Another, unrelated matter: Kabash, I recall you once saying that some subjects are better discussed with you through private messages. But it would seem you never accepted my friend invite, even though you added other users as friends long after that. Did something go wrong?

    14 january 2019 18:08 1628


    Nope, don't worry about it. I just accepted your friend request.
    I receive multiple friend-requests a day and thus your request may have been buried with the others.

    For any other readers, inform me when you send me a friend request so that I may look for and accept it. If not, it will be ignored.

    15 january 2019 07:04 1628


    Yes, they do count as spam.
    Regarding your accidental false report, I've given my response to that in a separate thread.

    15 january 2019 07:06 1628


    Generally, you may do so. It is prohibited to post any comments which are insulting/offensive. However, it's not prohibited to swear.

    As always, always consider the context of the comment before reporting. If the word was not directed towards any user/used as an adjective/adverb, then it shouldn't necessarily be reported.

    15 january 2019 08:18 1628


    I was away for a couple of days. Just inform me either through this thread/DMs and I will look into your report and revoke it if it is indeed an accident. Note that I'll only assist you with this 1-2 times. Be more careful in the future and do not spam-click the report button.


    You were banned for making multiple spam comments. I had deleted those comments and issued you your temporary forum ban. Do not make such comments in the future.

    19 january 2019 09:27 1628


    Can you elaborate on that?
    If you meant that receiving penalties are annoying, then do not make any infractions which results in penalties.

    If not, feel free to correct me.

    19 january 2019 09:38 1628

    When a whole thread is spam I think I should send you a PM with the link.

    How can I send you PM message?
    I tried to put you on my friend list but that's probably not a good move.

    20 january 2019 10:31 1628


    If you find an entire spam thread, feel free to send it the link to it either through this thread of by DMing me.

    I've just accepted your friend request, so you can DM me link.

    20 january 2019 10:32 1628

    Bumping thread for visibility.

    20 january 2019 16:43 1628

    Question: Some posters just copy n paste someone else's comment so is annoying spam but out of context it just looks like a regular post. So if we report this will you get the context or will it be viewed as a misreport? Thanks

    29 january 2019 17:50 1628

    eventually, yes it does. At first you'll only lose xp though

    29 january 2019 21:40 1628


    We're able to view the context. In fact, we're able to locate the specific thread in which the reported comment is in.

    Don't worry about reporting such comments, we always take the context into account when evaluating reports.

    30 january 2019 04:25 1628


    Frequent spam will result in a permanent forum ban.

    30 january 2019 04:26 1628

    I do like the rules, but i think they are a bit strict. Sometimes you write something not ment as spam and you get reported, it would be awfull if you just did that and you got banned for lifetime.
    I would suggest you might have someting like you get one coment a month that doesn't get you banned and if you go 1 year without being banned you get a reset in the system so you start on one day bans again.

    I also added you as a friend kabash

    6 march 2019 17:56 1628

    Thanks for the heads up kabash, Would be sure this will terify spamming users on forums.

    1 may 2019 16:48 1628

    @son_soda, i do think they're actually doing a pretty great job with it, it's a gain-lose situation, making a bad situation beneficial to obedient users. Spammers can never be eliminated that fast

    2 may 2019 18:45 1628

    okay, from now i don't spam anymore. thanks for this information. because i'm newbee at gamehag

    8 may 2019 09:46 1628

    this post should be pinned, no idea where is our exp go before.

    8 may 2019 14:27 1628

    Hello guys, can anyone tell me what I did wrong? "You've lost the level for your disgraceful behaviour" I'm just entering giveaways, voting articles, that's it. What have I done to lose the level? Thank you! EDIT: Suddenly after leaving this comment I advanced the level. How is this working? :D

    2 june 2019 23:36 1628

    I believe this “losing XP” is needed. Many people have been exploiting the system by spamming the forums. I’m so glad to see how active the mods are :D

    3 june 2019 00:42 1628

    hi now that you take care of problems there is 1 article with the title "this game is bad" in the vote this article section when i click on the vote button the page will refresh it self, it looks like a spam article but i can vote on it

    3 june 2019 05:56 1628

    Wasn't quite sure where to post this so i will post it here...


    In last 2 - 3 hours, this guy has ordered four 20 dollar visa prepaid cards and one 5 dollar prepaid card! Also, he has collected only 5400 soul gems, where the exact amount of the rewards he has ordered and received is worth more than 40 000 soul gems! There is no need to also mention that he was inactive for a month... :/

    What is going on here Gamehag?? And from what i can see, he is not the only one! There are more accounts similar to this one...

    27 june 2019 23:19 1628

    It's a good addition given how much spam is on the site daily, but I do have a question. What happens if you answer a post with something legitimate and the original post you replied to, (thus the forum), gets deleted? Do you lose the points you've earned by replying?

    2 july 2019 18:22 1628

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