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    【Penalities】XP taken away, bans and more.

    I don't know if this is possible, but is there a way for Gamehag to show more in detail what the "disgraceful behaviour" is that leads to losing exp? Like, an overview of the deleted comments or something like this. I've commented on some articles that I thought were well written (with comments like "Good article!" of "Nice content"). Is this also considered spam?

    6 july 2020 11:35 1628

    Still is valid, feel free to report any spam you come across.

    22 july 2020 16:27 1628

    > Is it considered to be a spam

    Yes, points a) to f) are considered spam and should be reported. Regarding e) duplicate threads, before you report them you should link them the most relevant thread. If users within that thread still refuse to stop spamming, then only in that case do you report them.

    > no indicator referring to this thing.

    That's the point, it's called a shadow-ban for a reason to ensure that the user isn't aware that he has received it. What this entails is as follows:

    1. All current reports made by the user will be invalidated. I.E. He will not receive SG/credit for any report he makes even if they are accepted.

    2. User will be blacklisted from the system. I.E. His reports will not be sent to us even though he still sees the option to report comments

    3. The user may or may not receive an XP penalty depending on the number of false reports he had made leading up to the shadow ban.
      E.g. In cases where users go through entire well-meaning discussions and report everyone within it despite them not spamming.

    4. Depending on the severity, a site ban instead of a shadow ban may be issued.

      1. > catch a ban if you report too much
        It's not about the number of reports you make. It's about the number for false reports a user makes. If the majority of their reports have been deemed false by moderators, then they would receive the above penalties based on their severity.

        The threshold varies from user to user so we aren't able to distinctly tell you what the limit is. In any case, if 90% of your reports are accepted and you receive SG, that means you haven't been shadowed banned and there isn't a cause for worry.

    25 july 2020 04:35 1628

    > Are you penalized for posting a valid comment in a thread that ends up getting deleted?

    No, but if users reported your comment before the thread was deleted, and it can be considered to be spam, then yes you can still be penalised.

    > Like what Kabash said earlier, please keep your comments to yourself.

    Yup, don't leave short comments of "Thanks for the info!" since it honestly isn't necessary. Any user who does so within this thread will have their comment deleted and temporary ban issued since they've already been warned about it.

    The purpose of this thread is to clarify your doubts, if you don't have any then you should move on. Keep the thread clean for other users who wish to read it.

    27 july 2020 16:37 1628

    Bumping this thread, if it's still allowed.
    This is a pretty important topic, it won't be nice if it drown in other discussions.

    @trahald >...I remember someone complaining about losing XP after posting in a thread that got deleted...
    I think I had such an issue. Until now, I can't say for sure without clear evidence, of course. I am, um, not prone to spam and / or meaningless commenting, but at least twice I noticed that my experience was partially lost after deleting a thread where I also left a comment. It doesn't upset me too much - as long as there is no real threat, of course - but it would be really interesting to know the reason. For example, is there really a chance of losing an exp if the thread with your comment (not marked as spam) is deleted, or if you write 2-3 comments \ posts in a short period of time, and so on.

    3 august 2020 11:32 1628

    @obcd1 I agree, it would be useful but it's unlikely to happen, I once asked support which comment of mine led to a ban and they didn't have access to that information.

    3 august 2020 23:19 1628

    Bumping this thread still.

    But, frankly speaking, I also had a question.
    The bottom line is that recently another thread dedicated to sites like Gamehag appeared on Russian localization. That is, the question was raised there whether such sites exist, and users left the site names+domains. I wrote there that sub-threads already exist, and that advertising (in terms of links, etc.) on the site is prohibited (isn't it?..). Then I reported the first post of the thread. However, after a while, I noticed that my message (about the existing threads and ads) was deleted there and I lost the exp, while the thread itself remained on the forum.

    Accordingly, I would like to ask why this is so - that is, are such discussions still legal and what could be the reason for deleting my message. Thank you :)

    22 august 2020 19:58 1628

    I'll continue the conversation in DMs since I've accepted your friend request, that way we both receive notifications. In any case, that sounds odd and I'd be more than happy to take a look at that thread.

    23 august 2020 17:08 1628

    o hello there kabash, its me ducky. im not spamming on anything, but my xp's are still getting taken.

    30 november 2020 17:11 1628

    Thanks Kabash for clearing this up for me... tried to post an article yesterday but it was too short and I was wondering if that had anything to do with my XP loss

    30 november 2020 19:12 1628

    @Kabash can you ask @line_madsen why they took my forum down? all I was asking was why my level was being taken down and they said that I had a few spam comments so I asked them to provide me with some examples. so is that considered spam or inappropriate content? I just asked a simple question and wanted proof.

    30 november 2020 21:10 1628

    @line_madsen So where did the thread go then? Why can't I access it? Did it go to mars? and what you just technically said is that people need to write long sentences just so it doesn't get removed? Oh yeah, let me just write an essay on what my favourite game is. What's the point in commenting on threads like what is your favourite game or any other question other users ask if they get reported and then removed?

    30 november 2020 21:27 1628

    thanks for the info

    30 november 2020 21:44 1628

    Okay thank you for the information.

    21 december 2020 11:26 1628

    Someone keeps false reporting me and i had to go back all the way to level 1, what should i do about this?

    21 december 2020 12:19 1628

    I didn't understand but i level down from 2/3 to 1...is it because someone reported me..

    21 december 2020 13:02 1628

    i just wanna say that i did not spam on the forums and still got almost all of my comments deleted and XP taken. and my friends ban lasts for 20 years cause it says 2041 even tho it was his first ban. and i stopped commenting when my XP stopped icreasing so is that a spam

    7 january 2021 10:55 1628


    I have a question. I have been losing at least 10% XP per day. I have not spammed in any sort. May I know if this is a bug or is it there is something I need to know that I am doing wrong? Any suggestion helps.


    7 january 2021 12:46 1628

    *** thx for the info now i know why i lose exp and anything in this thread ^^

    9 january 2021 13:08 1628

    You should do something with the verifying system cause it's too slow...

    9 january 2021 13:18 1628

    oh nice, I don't like spamming some s**t

    9 january 2021 13:31 1628

    Spamming really helps nobody and contributes nothing. Why people think it's a good idea is beyond me.

    12 january 2021 19:05 1628

    I know that this will be annoying, but I have seen quite a few comments just repeated over and over again so I was thinking that it would be more focused on repeated content in messages.

    13 january 2021 20:00 1628

    Right.. Some people write a comment & copy-pest that in everywhere for increase their xp..

    14 january 2021 02:00 1628

    thanks for your help

    14 january 2021 02:19 1628

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