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    【Penalities】XP taken away, bans and more.

    XP Taken Away

    Users will now get their experience taken away for creating inappropriate content OR for spamming on the forum.

    It is -10 XP PER deleted comment.

    Forum Bans

    Additionally, you WILL be banned from posting/commenting on the forums for spamming.

    1st Ban > 1 Day
    2nd Ban > 3 Days
    3rd Ban > 31 Days
    4th Ban onwards > Permanent

    Site Bans

    Rule violations will result in permanent site bans which prevents you from accessing Gamehag.

    28 december 2018 09:14 1628

    Tho i would like to point something
    10 comments a day give XP that's fine
    But they must be made after 24H exactly if not they are considered to be SPAM
    OR if one post more than 10 comments as well regardless of their true nature.
    I would like to see the time restriction lifted
    Ppl are not robots to be able to make comments at the same time when you want to talk you talk there's no talking time. Hope this issue can be resolved

    28 december 2018 10:12 1628

    I don't quite understand what you mean. Could you rephrase it?

    28 december 2018 12:03 1628

    so sometimes there is a thread that is irrelevent and the writer got some thumbsup and we can not report the comment so how we report this kind of comments?

    28 december 2018 12:10 1628

    All reported comments are manually reviewed.

    After review, if moderators deem a reported comment to be spam, we will delete it. Only then will you be penalised.

    I believe you can still post more than 10 comments a day (Or within 24 hours) without any penalties unless someone reports them.

    29 december 2018 07:25 1628

    What do you mean? You can still report spam for SG.
    However, take note that false reports will not give you SG and will get you blacklisted from the report system. If you aren't receiving SG for your reports, that may be the reason.

    29 december 2018 07:29 1628

    Well then I don't know about others's accounts
    But when i post more then 10 in a day or if 24H didn't pass XP gets revoked from my account
    After i hit post immediately and i can see the XP going down
    You can check my profile you will see that i leveled to 8 twice
    Xp was taken from my level for '' disgraceful behavior '' as they said in their message
    The only posts i do are about the article rating but they ain't timed exactly so i get penalties

    29 december 2018 17:16 1628

    You should have known better than to spam.

    I did not have any prior knowledge about this until you brought it up.
    If that's truly the case, then you should keep to 10 posts a day.

    30 december 2018 03:40 1628

    Before another user comments another variant of "Thanks for the info", stop.
    As much as you appreciate this post, keep it to yourself.

    Only comment if you wish to clarify any doubts about the main post above.

    3 january 2019 06:35 1628

    Bumping this thread.

    6 january 2019 04:56 1628

    I believe you will be notified when your comment has been deleted. You should receive a message saying "You've lost the level for disgraceful behaviour" if you've gone down a level.

    Refer to this thread for more information:

    7 january 2019 05:06 1628

    What is spam?

    Spam on Gamehag (or any public forum) is generally defined as repeated, unwanted, and/or unsolicited actions, whether automated or manual, that negatively affect Gamehag's (or any public forum's) users, communities, and/or Gamehag itself.

    This definition is taken from:

    7 january 2019 05:13 1628

    I do not recall reviewing that particular comment. Perhaps you could try asking other moderators for the reason that comment was deleted?

    14 january 2019 07:47 1628


    From FAQ:

    On the Forums and in the Articles you cannot publish the content that:
    - violates the law,
    - propagates fascism or any other totalitarian system,
    - incites to hatred (on national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds),
    - shows pornography,
    - is insulting or offensive,
    - advertise other portals or entities (without the approval of the administrator of the site).

    From Terms:

    It is prohibited to disseminate – as part of content of the posts – information that breaches the law, including in particular information propagating fascist or totalitarian systems and instigating hatred on the grounds of differences in nationality, ethnic background, race, religion or on the grounds of irreligion.

    It is prohibited to disseminate pornographic content, in particular by soliciting pornography or soliciting unlawful sexual activity, including with minors.

    Posts placed by Forum Users shall not breach personal interests of other Users or established customs and they shall not contain any vulgar or offensive content.

    In short, be nice and sensible. Additionally, do not spam.

    14 january 2019 16:46 1628


    Nope, don't worry about it. I just accepted your friend request.
    I receive multiple friend-requests a day and thus your request may have been buried with the others.

    For any other readers, inform me when you send me a friend request so that I may look for and accept it. If not, it will be ignored.

    15 january 2019 07:04 1628


    Yes, they do count as spam.
    Regarding your accidental false report, I've given my response to that in a separate thread.

    15 january 2019 07:06 1628


    Generally, you may do so. It is prohibited to post any comments which are insulting/offensive. However, it's not prohibited to swear.

    As always, always consider the context of the comment before reporting. If the word was not directed towards any user/used as an adjective/adverb, then it shouldn't necessarily be reported.

    15 january 2019 08:18 1628


    I was away for a couple of days. Just inform me either through this thread/DMs and I will look into your report and revoke it if it is indeed an accident. Note that I'll only assist you with this 1-2 times. Be more careful in the future and do not spam-click the report button.


    You were banned for making multiple spam comments. I had deleted those comments and issued you your temporary forum ban. Do not make such comments in the future.

    19 january 2019 09:27 1628


    Can you elaborate on that?
    If you meant that receiving penalties are annoying, then do not make any infractions which results in penalties.

    If not, feel free to correct me.

    19 january 2019 09:38 1628


    If you find an entire spam thread, feel free to send it the link to it either through this thread of by DMing me.

    I've just accepted your friend request, so you can DM me link.

    20 january 2019 10:32 1628


    We're able to view the context. In fact, we're able to locate the specific thread in which the reported comment is in.

    Don't worry about reporting such comments, we always take the context into account when evaluating reports.

    30 january 2019 04:25 1628


    Frequent spam will result in a permanent forum ban.

    30 january 2019 04:26 1628

    so, I check this group that I joined a long time ago and the very first thing I see is straight up this dude literally spamming the whole group thread! I'm not saying like, 4 or 5 spam but the entire group! How can people still spam like this!!! his name is "vanoss3" if anyone sees him, report him!
    also, The group's name is "dont_waste" it's literally full of spam and I'm trying to quit this dumb group! (if anyone knows how, tell me)

    6 august 2019 20:04 1628

    Kabash i love that dog in your picture he/she is so cute is he/she yours?

    11 february 2020 12:47 1628

    New users must see this.

    23 february 2020 15:04 1628

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