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    Hitman 2016 Review


    Hitman is a game published in 2016 by IO Interactive and was also developed by them as well. Hitman's main protagonist is Agent 47 who goes through each mission eliminated a set amount of targets all connected in some way for the ICA(International Contract Agency). I really liked playing Hitman because of the possibilities and the freedom of choice.

    The main aim of the game

    The main story of the game is at first unclear as your eliminating targets but soon after eliminating one target discover that there is a shadow client, and so the main reason for eliminating targets is to discover the shadow client and what they are up to because it makes the ICA look bad if their being played. My favorite strategy in missions was just going guns blazing but it is much more rewarding to stealth the levels and you can earn more items to have a bigger selection of equipment to take with you.

    Favorite Weapons and Tools

    My favorite weapon to use in Hitman was the shotgun as it was a very overpowered weapon for going loud. My favorite tool to use was the explosive rubber ducky which i used to make the target go boom. For stealth I liked to use the Silverballer which is a suppressed pistol, i also liked the baton as it used to be a undetectable weapon that you could hold out and no one would notice but they nerfed it so it is now visible to the NPCs when you hold it out.


    Strategies to the game

    A few strategies I used when I played Hitman when I wasn't shooting up the map was throwing coins,tools, or even placing guns to lure guards and enemies over so i could knock them out. It's always preferable to slap them over the head with a blunt object then strangle or kill them as it's a fast and cleaner way of dealing with them. You should use non lethal options as it helps your score in the end of the level when the game rounds up all the points. Another good strategy is to just disguise yourself and poison the target either by putting something in their food or injecting them with something. The best way I think to do it is when you go to eliminate your target it you make it look like an accident for example kicking someone off a building or drowning them in a toilet.


    Why I think it's a good game overall

    The reason I think Hitman is a good game overall is because of the nearly endless possibilities and the replayability of the game, for example in one mission you can just poison the targets food and get away stealthily, replay that mission and in this run you can go crazy with a shotgun and take down everyone on the map. Another reason I like the game is the selection of equipment and the ability to unlock new equipment if you get enough points in a mission however sadly you can't modify your weapons or upgrade them. In conclusion Hitman is a well designed game made to make the player think and use their head when approaching situations, and making them think of ways to deal with their target there is no "one option" or "straight path" there are tons of ways ways to complete a mission and that is why I think Hitman is a great game.

    Be careful if you see one of these.

    3 october 2020 14:58 1625

    hitman 2016 was a good game but i hate the chapters mode in the game 7%10

    9 october 2020 22:20 1625

    nice game but so small amount of lvls

    9 october 2020 23:35 1625

    güzel oyun ama çok az miktarda lvl

    10 october 2020 02:17 1625

    awesome game ????????????

    10 october 2020 08:30 1625

    i get this game for free

    10 october 2020 09:44 1625

    i got it free from epic games

    10 october 2020 10:12 1625

    dont try now the time period is over

    10 october 2020 10:12 1625

    The whole series was great, If you like stealthy games, this is it.

    10 october 2020 10:14 1625

    I love Reviews! It entertains me a lot!

    29 october 2020 00:40 1625

    It's really a good article, thanks.

    27 november 2020 16:21 1625

    I got this game on Epic Launcher for free. I should try it out!

    27 november 2020 17:38 1625

    good game, must play

    27 november 2020 22:22 1625

    best game

    27 november 2020 22:39 1625

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    28 november 2020 17:13 1625

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    12 february 2021 06:55 1625

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    12 february 2021 07:23 1625

    really fun to play it was exen free on epic

    12 february 2021 08:25 1625

    nice game i love it a lot

    12 february 2021 09:09 1625

    Hey I remeber this! I used to play it haha.

    20 february 2021 15:30 1625

    Dont forget to leave a like in my comment

    20 february 2021 15:31 1625

    It was a very good game.Fun to play,with a lot of options.Totally recommend it

    20 february 2021 19:27 1625

    i get this game for free

    21 february 2021 02:21 1625

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