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    Ask your questions here! ~ Part 1

    @Ghostosh Its a good question, i cant answer on why your message was removed, but the first thread in my opnion, isn't a real thread, so i will be looking into that one, as multiply makes them daily.

    Your thread Sg-counter-on-chests, i cant even find it, so i assume some did delete it for some reason..

    My guess is that some people just is reporting everything atm (as it seems), as i've seen multiply Mod posts and answers even flagged as spam this week. and a mod might have been sleeping while looking at the reports and clicked delte, its the best guess i can give you.

    I understand your frustation, even been there myself.

    12 january 2021 17:50 8411

    The thread SG counter on chests was in the suggestions section and talked about how it is difficult to figure out how much SG was earned in a particular time period so it would be nice if the limited chests that require a certain amount of SG to be earned had a counter for how much SG was earned towards them. It is a frustration I have had with these chests and I thought of a way it could be made better so I made the suggestion. Is this not a valid suggestion?

    13 january 2021 02:23 8411

    Anfield80116, my problem is that I can't do tasks via the contract section as it keeps taking me to a blank page so can't do anything

    13 january 2021 04:09 8411

    Gamehag username: TopazBlu
    The issue/question(s): Article Rejection
    (Optional) Note: I submitted an article reviewing a game app that gets rejected for 'wrong language.' The article is written in English and there are no bad words used which has me confused and the message never states where the rejection comes from.

    13 january 2021 04:10 8411

    @Ghostish - as far as i know they normal get locked once read, but not deleted.. i can be wrong, I dont think its a bad suggrestion, and i think you should redo the post, if it was deleted, as its a thing which wouldnt be bad.

    @Anfield80116 - Can you write a ticket to misty about which tasks which brings you to a blank page, or find me on discord Fluffy#0162 and send me pictures, then i try forward it.

    @TopazBlu - theres currently a bug which do all articles are rejected as wrong language, please wait :) i hope they fix it soon.

    13 january 2021 09:17 8411

    Thank you for the response. I will redo the post in that case.

    14 january 2021 09:42 8411

    I can't edit my last post so sorry for the double post. It happened again, I rewrote the suggestion thread that got deleted, and it's been there for almost a week now, and suddenly today I got a notification that someone has commented on it, I clicked the notification and the thread is gone. Link to the thread here: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/448053-display-number-of-sg-earned-towards-opening-a-chest

    What is going on here?

    21 january 2021 12:17 8411

    Gamehag username: TopazBlu
    The issue/question(s): Posts Almost Always Get Deleted
    (Optional) Note: Like what ghostish said, I made a suggestion in the suggestions section about having offers for non-new users of stated offers. It got an immediate down vote and next thing I know the post is deleted. It was the only post made in two weeks, not counting the one posted here, but one of many that have been deleted without notice.

    21 january 2021 16:32 8411

    @Ghostish & @TopazBlue it sounds strange, i can try do a bit of research about it, but i cant do much, as theres not really a log to see who has deleted em.

    Can only say to make the thread agian.

    21 january 2021 17:16 8411

    Gamehag username: @pavel_hristov

    I no longer get the "Thank you for reporting the comment". Is it possible that I might have been banned from reporting or is it something else? (I also get the message "An error occured" sometimes)

    21 january 2021 20:23 8411

    @pavel_hristov - i'm afraid i cant answer that, i belive you got to turn to the support for this one, sorry. they would know if your banned from reporting,

    21 january 2021 20:45 8411

    @TopazBlu, its cause when you view the site not logged in you'll see all games, once you log in, i assume it goes to the offers for ur area :) nothing to be worried about, and their not depending on your level on gamehag.

    25 january 2021 23:03 8411

    I'm still having issues with legitimate comments and threads being deleted daily. All but one of my comments from yesterday were deleted as well as a thread discussing what people got in their chests. Is anything being done to stop this from happening?

    31 january 2021 14:52 8411

    Gamehag username: ghostish
    The issue/question(s): Are we allowed to exchange rewards with other users here?
    (Optional) Note: I have received Robux a few times from chests and giveaways. I don't play the Roblox so I have no use for them, am I allowed to exchange these with other users for gems or other stuff obtained here? I couldn't find anything prohibiting this but I don't see any such offers on the forum.

    4 february 2021 16:32 8411

    Username: MrGamer789
    Issue: I completed the Lords Mobile task but I don't know how to submit it. I have the screenshot and everything but no idea how to send it. I know the other games have a button where you click a dedicated button to submit your screenshot, but the Lords Mobile task doesn't seem to have that. When I click it, it just directs me to the game in the Play Store. Am I missing something?

    14 february 2021 22:21 8411

    gamehag username: rupdud143
    Issue: in the rate articles page, it says if i ratethe article honestly,i would recieve 100 SG, i did that yesterday, i havent recieved my SG until now,Can you tell me why ?

    22 february 2021 12:56 8411

    Issue: A couple of days ago the article bug was fixed. That said, I have three articles on the same game and all three are under going review rather than just one. Is there a way to delete the extra two and just keep the recent one?

    23 february 2021 19:45 8411

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