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    Interesting Facts on Gamehag (Part 2)

    Hey guys, in this article I’m going to talk about some Interesting Facts on the Gamehag website that probably many of you don’t know about them. This is the second part of my article, if you want to see my previous work, check it here: gamehag.com/forum/t/336574-interesting-facts-on-gamehag-part-1

    Here are some selected Facts that I hope they are interesting to read and help many users…


    Recently thanks to the new VIP feature, new Runes have arrived with their special performance, but do you know about two absent Runes that are not gainable for a long time? They are ALGIZ and RAIDO Runes.

    -         ALGIZ Rune: +20% bonus for daily missions during 7 days.

    -         RAIDO Rune: +20% bonus for getting XP during 7 days.

    Maybe in the future we will see them back here but for now they are absent.


    Users usually see many SPAM comments everywhere in the Gamehag website but did you know you can get Soul Gems by reporting SPAM comments? For each true report you make, you will be rewarded by 1 Soul Gem and this earning method has no limit! Besides earning Soul Gems, you are helping to clean this community from all irrelevant texts; so, it looks prettier for all the users.

    Your reports will be answered by the Gamehag moderators manually, they will check your reports and if they find your reports correctly, the reported comments will be deleted and cause XP reduction for its owner, and that’s the reason why you shouldn’t SPAM. I should mention this is not important where you find these comments, they can be anywhere like: on the Forum, Article section, Group discussions, Game threads, and more…

    Always consider in your mind, if you report comments incorrectly many times, it will cause BAN and XP reduction on your account too; so, if you want to know more about the penalties, please refer to this thread on the Forum: gamehag.com/forum/t/58039-penalitiesxp-taken-away-bans-and-more     



    Have you ever noticed the Magic Bank feature? Look at the bottom of the site to find the orange text: Magic Bank! Click on it, it will send you to a specific page where you can earn real money by promoting Gamehag. You should fill a form of your valid information and for each new user from your promotion who joins this community, you will earn 1-3$. (The amount of earning depends on the user’s location.)


    Gamehag supports 9 languages until now and every single of them has specific Forums and Article section, for example, you can find more than 300 pages of articles in the Polish language but this amount in the English language is more than 100 pages. As we all know Gamehag is created in Poland, so do you want to see a cute trick here? Change your language to polish and look down at bottom of the site, you will find this sentence: “MADE WITH ❤ IN POLAND” :D which you can’t see in other languages.


    I hope you all enjoyed reading this article, I will be happy if you share your ideas about my article and show me is it useful or not by rating it. Thanks for reading, have fun! :D

    4 june 2020 17:26 1625

    so that's why many people report having lost exp, thanks for the tips

    8 june 2020 15:48 1625

    that's cool. thanks bro

    11 june 2020 15:26 1625


    11 june 2020 17:35 1625


    11 june 2020 17:35 1625

    You are my men

    11 june 2020 17:35 1625

    you did well thank you

    11 june 2020 19:05 1625

    Thx so much its awsome to know this stuff

    11 june 2020 20:12 1625

    thats really interesting to know thx bro

    11 june 2020 21:30 1625

    really cool and helpful

    12 june 2020 12:06 1625

    Wow good facts..

    12 june 2020 12:11 1625

    that is really good

    12 june 2020 12:25 1625

    Thanks for letting me know more about Gamehag

    13 june 2020 18:50 1625

    Very nice article although I already knew these. But it was a great idea to put it up for others as well. So many people who spam.. So annoying. But free soul gems. Lol

    14 june 2020 00:59 1625

    This is a great piece of info. Thanks bud.

    14 june 2020 00:59 1625

    Thank you so much for the information about spams! From now on, I will report all spams.

    14 june 2020 03:00 1625

    I hope many users know more about the Gamehag features by reading this post. So, I give it a bump for better visibility...

    This the second of this thread, you can find the first part on the Forum too :)

    15 june 2020 19:11 1625

    losing xp for no reason is very interesting as well. Thank you gamehag!

    15 june 2020 19:47 1625

    Thank you bro, appreciated

    16 june 2020 01:23 1625

    Its sad and frustrating everytime misty takes points.

    21 june 2020 07:22 1625

    relly nice and good to know

    21 june 2020 07:23 1625

    the spam thing is super good to know, I've seen so many useless spam comments, i didn't know i could report them!!

    3 september 2020 01:07 1625

    I didn't know people can report spam comments lol thanks for telling us

    3 september 2020 17:41 1625

    gamehag is the best of all. thank you!

    4 september 2020 11:12 1625

    Thanks for the help

    4 september 2020 11:17 1625

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