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    Interesting Facts on Gamehag (Part 1)

    Hey guys, in this article I’m going to talk about some Interesting Facts on the Gamehag website that probably many of you don’t know about them. This is the first part of my article, so if I see positive feedbacks from you I will continue writing more about them in my upcoming articles…

    Here are some selected Facts that I hope they are interesting to read and help many users…

    • Hidden Giveaways:

    Almost all the users check the Giveaway page every day, but did you know there are lots of old Giveaways that you can participate in them and win the rewards, even now? They are not showing in the main Giveaway page and for seeing them you should change the website link.

    For example, copy this link to your browser: Gamehag.com/giveaway/5

    You will find the 5th Giveaway that Gamehag has created and the good part is: it’s still active! As usual for receiving your reward you should do some tasks and for doing them you should link your steam account to Gamehag. I should mention many of old Giveaways have ended, so search to find the active ones by changing the link number.

    • Comments of rejected articles:

    Many users create articles but when their works get rejected by the others, they don’t know about the main reason for rejection, so the authors keep reposting them and most of them will give up soon. The thing is obvious, is: users don’t like your article but you don’t know what they really think about it. So if you are the one who wants to see the comments of users on your rejected article, install the Gamehag app! There is a possibility to see them only through the app, you need to check the Notification of your rejected article and when you click on it you find what you want.


    • Selling rewards and info:

    Many of us receive a reward twice or get a reward that we don’t like it so much, but because we get them through free chests and Giveaways, there is no ability to sell them. But did you know we can exchange all the rewards we get from Purchasable Chests for Soul Gems? Depends on the rewards price in the Gamehag shop, we can decide to sell them instantly for the half of Soul Gems they cost or put them in the inventory to receive them. So there is always the opportunity to gain back some amount of Soul Gems when we don’t want what we get from theses chests.

    When you sell the rewards you are not able to see them in your inventory, but is there any option to see what we got before and sold them? yes there is, look at the bottom of the site to find “Your rewards” section, when you click on it, it will show you the whole information of all your rewards and it doesn’t matter you sold them or not. This information contains:

    • The name of the reward and the key (If you didn’t sell the key.)
    • The name of the chest you get the reward from it.
    • The execution & order date (Includes: the exact date and time).
    • The Soul Gems its cost (If you order it directly from the shop.)
    • The order number of the reward which is a 9-digit number.         


    I hope you all enjoyed reading this article, I will be happy if you share your ideas about my article and show me is it useful or not by rating it. Thanks for reading, have fun! :D

    2 june 2020 20:32 1625

    I hope many users know more about the Gamehag features by reading this post. So, I give it a bump for better visibility...

    This the first part of this thread, you can find the second part on the Forum too :)

    15 june 2020 19:10 1625

    I didn't know that?!? Soo cool! Thanks for the tips!!

    15 august 2020 05:20 1625

    Had no clue about the hidden giveaways. Thanks for the knowledge!

    15 august 2020 08:56 1625

    im new in this site and thats verry helpful thanks

    15 august 2020 09:14 1625

    thanks for the noice time to read :D

    18 august 2020 09:06 1625

    Thanks for the information, appreciate it!

    21 august 2020 15:30 1625

    I never got so far to see that you can sell a reward, thanks for sharing the info. I should have looked into this.

    8 october 2020 19:45 1625

    this article was well informed to us to understand more about gamehag. and i just know that there were hidden giveaways!

    9 october 2020 17:47 1625

    Have hidden giveaways? I have just known. Thanks for the information.

    10 october 2020 12:30 1625

    but you need to grind very hard to win yourself a nice game

    20 october 2020 19:07 1625

    ...... Gamehag is not bad app, de to use your time

    20 october 2020 19:44 1625

    Many of us receive a reward twice or get a reward that we don’t like it so much

    22 october 2020 05:32 1625

    thanks for the information, i never knew about the your rewards section 🙂

    22 october 2020 08:01 1625

    this was a really interesting article. i never knew we could sell the rewards. im having a lot of trouble getting to level 3 can u please make an article to show how. i had ompleted 50% of level 2 when the XP bar went back to 2% . it would be great if someone could help me with this . Thank you!

    30 october 2020 09:50 1625

    if your XP goes down, it means you were spamming and someone reported it. be careful not to spam because you risk losing more XP and being banned

    31 october 2020 12:34 1625

    there might also be something else that I don't know about, but that seems to be the main reason for this issue

    31 october 2020 12:35 1625

    thx but i cant di the tasks cause i have an error on my steam

    1 november 2020 06:13 1625

    I dont underyand how to get the benifit of this app

    1 november 2020 06:18 1625

    Thanks for the super useful information, most of the other giveaways were expired but I did manage to find 2 more not liisted. This is probably the first decent article ive come across here man. Please write more!

    7 november 2020 02:43 1625

    yes iw ant to level up fast so that i can get some robux.

    7 november 2020 15:10 1625

    i had never heard of these facts before so thnak you for the facts on gamehag

    23 november 2020 23:49 1625

    This was really good content. Still dont like the amount of spam, when it is even higher than in Reddit, which used to be on my standards pretty highly spammed platform.

    27 november 2020 18:22 1625

    this was a good article thanks for the information.

    28 november 2020 17:37 1625

    woah thats some facts right there

    29 november 2020 03:45 1625

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