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    16 december 2017 22:18 1625

    I feel like gamehag is scamming my level up i was in level 2 and now level 1 why does this keep happening is it because i have it on another device im so confused

    25 march 2019 17:59 1625

    @Kentwilliaml - The only way you would lose xp is if your comments have been reported as spam which would essentially make you drop down a level as each spam comments gains you -10xp. If you are sure you haven't made any spam comments then it might be a glitch. Check back on the device you use where it had you as level 2 and see if you haven't dropped there to confirm if its a glitch or not.

    25 march 2019 18:20 1625

    no its actually not going to add new contracts

    26 march 2019 09:38 1625

    @KentWilliaml - Its not how long you have to wait but the content of your comments that is judged by Mods. If they feel or the person reporting it feels it was not a worthwhile comment and was just an input for xp then it will be reported and judged. Best is to say something useful, input meaningful thoughts and comments and hope people don't get too trigger happy. Good luck!

    27 march 2019 00:07 1625

    Oh ik its ez2

    28 march 2019 17:07 1625

    Reported for advertisement/spam. When are you going to learn not to spam?!

    28 march 2019 19:56 1625

    Wish they added more games like the GOT browser game. Easy as heck

    29 march 2019 19:52 1625

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