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    World of Warships

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    Giving up the game

    Yes, I know I had to play hard (for me) to win her, but it's still nice of them to offer up, in the fashion they did, something they hope to make money out of. She's my first premium ship and the first ship I ever won in any fashion, so yeah, I'm sort of very pleased with myself right now. But still grateful. Taste of Blood was a blast - thanks for the fun, WG. :D

    15 december 2017 22:24 89

    Someone gave up, someone continued

    20 january 2019 14:12 89

    I was thinking of playing but now I'm having second thoughts

    1 february 2019 19:19 89

    Well, there are plenty of other games with the same gameplay

    6 march 2019 20:55 89

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