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    Any way to see "career" total dmg and kills?

    So... a bit of a back story... When I started WoT, I sucked... HARD! Something along the lines of like 46% WR and even sadder KDR... I made it a point to improve and eventually got my stats up... first came positive KDR, then after a while came 50%+ WR... the last hurdle that I had to clear was getting positive dmg dealt over dmg received... I was really close too... about 30k dmg away... then came the new stats/PR page and total dmg dealt/received, and kills/death disappeared from the page... there are still ratios and avg dmg taken/received... but those are the same for me now and I know for a fact that they are rounded... I really want to know thought if I ACTUALLY cleared that dmg hurdle... so... is there a way that I can still see how much dmg I've dealt and received throughout my time playing WoT? Am in missing it in my profile? Is there a site that has that statistic? (wotlabs has dmg/kills dealt but not received) thanks!

    14 december 2017 21:27 1

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