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    Things I've bought from the Advent Calendar: WZ-111

    1) Yeah, impulse bought the T92LT. Wanted the BlackDog, but this should do nicely! 2) Passed on the Patton KR 3) Passed on the 12 MONTH PREMIUM $81.99. 15% is disappointing from last years 50%. 4) M4A3E8 Fury, hrmmm... its only $25 but I hated the Thunderbolt... I have a Ram2 for an American Med Trainer. Fury is much better looking than the T-Bolt, but I have a feeling it would just sit in my garage never played. BIA crew could swing it for me, but 100%: nope 5) Liberte - nope. I don't like tanks that look like 40 clowns should be climbing out of it. 6) Yup, as we suspected: E25 package. Yeah, I'm a fanboy. 7) Thunderbolt. Nope. Had it, traded it. 8) Tiger 131. Got it, but I could use another BIA crew and some gold! 9) Mutz. Got one. If anyone has a cool skin to remove the bear, LMK! 10) Lorraine 40t. I have it already. Great tank. A lot of fun. 11) T-44-100. I already have one. I think mine was cheaper than $55. 12) Primo Victoria... The tier 8 tank that has a music video where it beats up Pz4Ds. Nah. 13) ISU-122S. Ooooo... 1st one I'm not sure about. Have heard good things... BIA CREW! $24? Sure why not! 14) WZ-111, I know nothing about this tank. I have the 5a and am about to unlock the 113, so not sure I need it. $50? I'll pass.

    14 december 2017 20:42 1

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