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    World of Tanks

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    If the autum classic was developed, why are not other tournaments organized?

    Many commanders have been very impressed by the fact that the Autumn Classic Tournament has been organized but the 1vs1, 3vs3 and 15vs15 tournaments have not returned ... or, on the other hand, no further comments have been made on the WoT main page, in forums or in Facebook groups. It also draws attention that there is no news in the WoT Facebook Accounts or the fact that Latin America wargaming manager Eduardo Massieu Paredes (GeneralMach) has only posted 1 news after his designation and then has not made any additional comments or anything. While the commanders try to motivate in all we can to more and more demotivated players (and recruit with a chat system that continues deleting 1 of every 3 sent messages), we wonder if wargaming is really trying to ruin the game or it's just a problem of quality management. One very serious. Is there anyone who really knows when these situations will improve?

    13 december 2017 17:08 1

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