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    Favorite Hero

    Share your favorite hero and what makes them so fun here. A good place to also share strategies, both serious and silly, for the heroes you love to play

    26 march 2020 19:39 8009

    Offlane Undying rushing Aghanim's Sceptre is very fun. Undying is a very strong early-game hero, which allows you to make the lane very difficult for the enemy and get a lot of kills or, very least, secure farm. Getting an early Aghanim's lets you steal 10 strength with every cast of decay, a very scary effect that scales well into the late-game, but is obviously scarier the earlier you get it. It's not hard to get 100+ stolen strength in a teamfight.

    26 march 2020 19:41 8009

    my favorite hero is pudge if you have blink dagger you can easy kill enemies

    1 april 2020 16:46 8009

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