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    World of Tanks

    (4.3/5) 5812 rates

    World of tanks its good?

    I tink is good simulator of tanks... no?

    27 august 2017 23:26 1

    i played it but its so stragedy game so...

    27 august 2017 23:43 1

    Its both strategy and action

    28 august 2017 16:01 1

    its a nice game but no soul gems for me

    29 august 2017 03:34 1

    guys the real game starts when you reach like tier6 and after. i've been playing this game for a long time. and i had to make a new account for this. but still only got the 1st reward. but game is really good. trust me. neverthelesss the rewards just keep playing it. its a great game. worth the try.
    yes its both strategy and action. i would call it CoD with more strategy with tanks. and please dont say CoD requires more strategy because in WoT clan wars are in a different league than its random battles.
    have fun

    29 august 2017 07:18 1

    yea its cool game

    29 august 2017 09:50 1

    No , War Thunder , the better.

    29 august 2017 17:00 1

    Serious? I dont like this game beacuse its P2W

    8 september 2017 18:37 1

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