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    Roblox Review

    hello ! like everyone i am a proud member of this community and i decided to give my opinion on roblox . Roblox is a fun game in my opinion because there are all kinds of stuff ! This game is mainly designed for children but is free for people of all ages. Games : There are lots of games to choose from and you can even create some games yourself . From FPS to roleplaying , from simulators to tycoons , Millions and millions of choices on Roblox Groups : Have you ever felt alone ? well the groups on roblox are just for you ! You can search for a topic you want to speak about and you may even make new friends from the groups ! Library : Don't worry in Roblox's library you can be all loud as you want but the library is not what you think . You see there are lots of models and audios which you can use in the process of making your own game ! Catalog : he catalog is filled with awesome stuff you can buy with the ingame currency ''Robux '' how to get it ? buy it ! Or if you want it for free use Gamehag to get free robux or gamepasses Community : The community is mostly filled with people who like memes and other funny stuff but most of them are nice people . Keep in mind however that you can meet bad bad people , and even hackers . History : Now you may be wondering ''Why are you putting this in here ?'' i am putting it in here because when you view roblox's history its actually interesting (or atleast its interesting in my opinion) . In the short review i gave , i think roblox is a 8/10 . '''But why not a 10/10 this review was so positive!'' Now it's mostly due to the community and sometimes the toxicity it gives to eachother , but other than that it's a great online game . Roblox is a ton of fun in my opinion but why don't you go and try it out for yourself ? just sign up in Roblox and tell me about your experiences in the comments . As always peace , love and hugs . Now if you are interested in the history of roblox here it is ! 1989 roblox :Somewhere between 1989 - Interactive Physics is released by Knowledge Revolution, which was owned by David Baszucki and co-owned by Erik Cassel. It would soon become an influence to the creation of ROBLOX. 2003 Roblox: Dynablocks Domain registered by J.Stevens 2004 Roblox : It was released in 2004 for pc under the name ''Dynablocks'' 2005 : Dynablocks becomes ROBLOX 24th june 2005: ROBLOX released to Public and had Minigames that you can earn points from. 2006 : upgrade of Roblox with multiplayers games and private messages for the players Jan 2007 : The Game is update and The RobloXians looked like they were walking and also they could change type of clothes/ colors. 2008 : Events were created for the game ( Easter Hunt & Olympics contests). 2011 : First TV Commercial came up and also players can use Chrome Browser to launch the game. 2011 : Players are able to play from their mobile devices. 2012 : Someone hacked the website on april 1st and added a really creepy face titled ''c:''. When they asked why he would do such thing he said it was meant to be a joke. 2012 : more than 100,000 played at the same time because they found it fun . 2016 : Roblox removed their second currency ''Tix'' which could be used to buy items in the catalog (these items are now removed) and even make them into robux . 2017 : 2 of the most popular games (at that time) Jailbreak and Meepcity accomplished some of the greatest things on roblox . Jailbreak hit 100,000+ players playing it at the same time ! Now what is different than 2012 is that they played different games unlike 2017 100,000+ people played it at the same time . Meepcity was the first game to hit 1 Billion visits . 2018 : Guests and forums have been removed which angered players

    9 september 2019 13:30 2173

    roblox es una plataformas de juegos

    9 september 2019 23:31 2173

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