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    World of Tanks

    (4.31/5) 6679 rates

    How similar is world of tanks to war thunder?

    Ive played war thnder and want to get a feel for what this game is like

    17 august 2019 04:14 1

    i love gamehag this site is really very best site

    20 august 2019 17:14 1

    World of tanks only has tanks and worse graphics that war thunder but the controls are very similar and all but war thunder is way better!

    24 august 2019 14:25 1

    wot is arcade and war thunder is more realistick

    12 november 2019 18:29 1

    World of tanks is less realistic than war thunder which has planes, boats and more realistic damage system

    14 july 2020 18:57 1

    World of tanks is a good game too but I prefer war thunder because I like realistic games but there are not that many differences apart from the damage system.

    14 july 2020 18:58 1

    WOT is fully a HP (health point) tank game. WT is similar for also having the basic HP of all vehicles yet with more mature system of stimulating modules to take the damage and influence the covered total HP.

    25 july 2020 12:53 1

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