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    Ninja is the best!

    Ninja is the best fortnite player in the world

    17 august 2019 03:53 2830

    He is really good

    17 august 2019 03:54 2830

    It's almost imbossiple to tell who is the best player. There is many great EU players if you've watched EU Summer Skrimish and then there is Liquid guys, Tfue, Notvivid, Ghost guys and many others.Ninja just does alot of cool stuff and knows how to play smart, but if we are taking competitive tfue is better than everyone in my opinion. He has killed ninja multiple times in scrims, and many other well known streamers. No hate to other streamers dont get me wrong they all have their great moments, but like I said tfue has his moments and hes just a chill guy to watch and matches my vibe and he understands other ppl and stuff

    17 august 2019 06:55 2830

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