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    Fortnite Season X: Is It Good Or Bad?

    Hey! I just want to see your guys opinion so i created this post. In my opinion it is great but the mech is annoying.

    12 august 2019 15:47 2830

    Eu nao sei joga fortinite.

    12 august 2019 16:10 2830

    For me season x is the best season

    13 august 2019 09:33 2830

    I remember fondly the first day I played Fortnite: Battle Royale. It also happened to be the first time everyone else played Fortnite: Battle Royale, at least the first time anyone played it who wasn't working for Epic. At that time the game was largely seen as a PUBG knockoff, which it was to a certain degree. And yet I was way better at this than I was at PUBG: I got something like five kills my first game and nearly snagged an early Victory Royale. It was a different game then: we knew that building was a thing, but nobody had really figured out the lightning-fast, keybound style of building that dominated high-level play today. People made little huts to camp in, and that was sort of it. Flash forward to yesterday and the launch of Season X when people are trying to figure out the best way to deploy boogie bombs to counter the powerful new two-player B.R.U.T.E. mech, and it becomes evident just how much this thing has changed.

    Another marked change has happened too, however, and it doesn't really have anything to do with developers at Epic Games. Things are just sort of getting harder outside of any particular meta change, buff or nerf that affects high-level play. And that's because the average skill level of the players just keeps going up as casual players drop out from time to time and the ones that are left keep getting better. I can still do my best in these games, but I'm just not going to improve at the rate of a 16-year-old with their sights on $3 million. I'm old, and this is a young player's game.

    I noticed this especially in the early days of mobile: I managed to do pretty well during the closed beta, and I was even decent in the first few months after the game first hit iOS. That shifted as Gen Z got their hands on the thing, a whole army of native touchscreen users that were more dextrous and comfortable on a mobile device than I would ever be. I started with a mild advantage on mobile, but now it might be where I do the worst. I tend to perform

    13 august 2019 11:38 2830

    the locations are fine but the tryhards and mechs are too much...

    13 august 2019 12:02 2830

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