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    who is the best character to main in this game

    right now i play any character

    9 august 2019 06:17 77

    any gamechanger champ...hypercarry

    9 august 2019 06:52 77

    I play all character :P

    9 august 2019 08:56 77

    yasuo man is better

    12 august 2019 13:15 77

    All hero is best if your just good

    13 august 2019 12:50 77

    this goes pretty much by your likes, every champ has something special

    19 august 2019 10:23 77

    yasuo IS A GOOD

    20 august 2019 04:28 77

    Marksman champions are the ranged damage dealers of League of Legends. They usually hang around near the back of the pack, whittling down targets from distance while being protected by a beefier frontline. Ashe is a simple hero with a straightforward skillset, and she uses her bow to ping arrows at foes from afar - and clear minions - with ease.

    A weakness of Marksman champions, though, is that they a susceptible to being jumped on by melee attackers. Ashe is great at mitigating this threat though thanks to her Frost Shot, which can slow opponents and allow you to maintain your distance. This will give you some breathing room if it’s your first time playing in the role.

    Ashe is also an excellent starter hero as she encourages you to think about vision from an early stage, courtesy of her Hawkshot ability. This allows you to scout anywhere on the map to see what your opponents are up to, or if they’re moving in to attack you – all extremely useful information so as to give your team better control over the match.

    20 august 2019 17:23 77

    best character to main are probobly champs that can scale or meta champs according to whats op or just check the win rate in u.gg, or look for streamers opinions

    20 august 2019 20:59 77

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