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    How is Season 10/x for you so far?

    For me the only thing that is wrong for me is the mech/brute.

    7 august 2019 15:47 2830

    not really

    8 august 2019 07:01 2830

    its good so far, but mechs...

    11 august 2019 21:04 2830

    The brutes arr thr most annoying

    11 august 2019 22:12 2830

    And i hate fortnite now its boring

    11 august 2019 22:12 2830

    Idk its really boring especially with the prestige missions they are soo hard to do

    11 august 2019 22:13 2830

    The brute is a meme tbh I see it and I Run away lol🤣

    12 august 2019 01:31 2830

    Fortnite Season 10 (or X to give it its official title) is finally here and it’s brought what might be some of the biggest changes to the game we’ve ever seen. So stick around as we tell you the biggest changes in Fortnite season 10 including new locations, missions and more.
    nstead of the usual Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, this time around it's all about Fortnite Battle Pass Missions. They're still released on a weekly basis, and they still function and read like the old style Battle Pass Challenges. Released each week, they're a series of thematic objectives that will not only grant you Battle Stars, and XP, but also exclusive cosmetic items - including options for the Fortnite Tier 100 season 10 skin.

    For week one we've got the Road Trip challenges, which include visit Drift painted Durrr Burger Head, a Dinosaur and a Stone Head Statue, dealing damage to opponents whilst in a vehicle and destroying stop signs with the Catalyst Outfit. Each week will offer seven missions to complete, with the full set not unlocking until you've ticked off some of the initial three.

    12 august 2019 05:23 2830

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