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    bad or good

    bad or good

    3 august 2019 18:43 2154

    It’s good, but i feel like it is a bit too late nowadays to be able to play the game and compete with others. Some of my friend are great at the game and they asked me to get it, but it is too hard.

    4 august 2019 11:02 2154

    It’s grindy but can be good.

    4 august 2019 16:12 2154

    It’s not too too late. It may take awhile to catch up to other players’ build.

    4 august 2019 16:13 2154

    But if you can enjoy it while your catching up, why not right?

    4 august 2019 16:14 2154

    Hope you give it a try.

    4 august 2019 16:15 2154

    And there are almost always a new update. The devs really take care of the game.

    4 august 2019 16:16 2154

    for me this game is ideal

    6 august 2019 09:43 2154

    i want answers not questions :u

    7 august 2019 02:07 2154

    I guess the good kind of bad Lol.

    8 august 2019 01:40 2154

    Очеьтть найс хороще

    8 august 2019 12:54 2154

    it is good bat to mach grainding

    10 august 2019 03:22 2154

    This game is good.

    10 august 2019 09:04 2154

    Warframe is a free-2-play but is very unique as it actually is not a pay-2-win. Although it is true that you can buy weapons in game with real money, they are not required and you can still get every weapon in game, without paying a single cent.

    It's an online, simplified RPG game with many features that make it stand out as a game.

    Like, for starters, as I stated before, it's free. You can play the entire game (the game never really ends, mind you) without spending a penny.

    Secondly, the game is one that will last you for hours, days, weeks, month, and if you happen to really love the game, years.

    10 august 2019 10:31 2154

    Have you tried it yet?

    13 august 2019 00:52 2154

    It's very goood

    14 august 2019 11:31 2154

    Yes it is really good

    17 august 2019 02:20 2154

    good it s a very nice game and it s even better with firends

    24 august 2019 14:21 2154

    all are for good

    31 august 2019 17:00 2154

    It's a great game thats very similar to destiny. Some may say that it's better or worse than destiny but thats not the point. As a beginner its pretty hard to get into it, but if you take some of your time and play it, then you'll see why many people like it. As some others said it might take some time to catch up to other peoples builds, but to be honest, that shouldn't be your main objective right off the bat.

    4 september 2019 19:45 2154

    not really good, but its a f2p game

    4 september 2019 20:30 2154

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