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    Why doesn't crashing a plane into a tank destroy it?

    If you fly really high up, then drop down and go at nearly the speed of sound, and then hit a tank with the plane... you'd expect the tank to be destroyed too, right? But it doesn't. What gives?

    23 june 2019 23:17 11

    I dont think the game counts your plane itself as an enitity that can damage tanks... im sure the game thinks your plane is an enitity that is capable of shooting bullets that damage tanks but cant damage tanks by ramming itself into one.

    24 june 2019 07:20 11

    Maybe because killing ground and air targets awards you points, and if ramming a plane doesn't give you any points why should ramming a ground target give you points? Imagine a plane with no ammo and on fire about to die (being the only guy left) rams a tank destroying it and winning the game? It would be unfair and stupid

    24 june 2019 15:17 11

    sometimes, if you smash into a truck, you will damage it or even destroy it, but I rhink you need a quite big plane.

    5 july 2019 18:34 11

    Yeah that is quite stupid, when I was a rookie I tried doing it and it didn't work out. 😅

    6 july 2019 05:17 11

    because war thunder doesnt have good mechanics

    9 july 2019 18:39 11

    Nobody knows

    10 july 2019 17:43 11

    Yea i tried it many times didn't worked but for vehicles its working :)

    14 july 2019 23:59 11

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