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    About the Robux in Gamhag

    You can search you can get 1 robux to 6 GC but its still not available for 300 Bc for 50 Robux i hope i can buy for only i have More BC

    23 may 2019 08:09 2173

    I already ready know that but there's too many offer to get SG

    23 may 2019 17:41 2173

    I feel like the robux here could be delivered faster. Like if I were to buy robux like im not supposed to on another website it would get delivered automatically. But theres so many requests so I guess my opinion will never matter.

    25 may 2019 22:47 2173

    You can get 50 robux for 300 Soul Gems. Thats what im trying to get.

    26 may 2019 14:23 2173

    Can I ask?

    26 may 2019 15:08 2173

    Why I cannot change my SG for 6 robux I have 110 SG, it says unavailable and ask for activation?

    26 may 2019 15:08 2173

    you cant get robux on gamehag its gllitched

    26 may 2019 20:47 2173

    Robux is unavailable for quite a few months. Check the #announcements on Discord for any updated news.

    Besides, there were tons of similar threads created on this forum. You might find the answer in those threads. Please, search for the topic before creating any new threads.

    29 may 2019 12:18 2173

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