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    AnimationPr0, 11 july 2020 05:11

    Minecraft Bedrock - Everything you need to know

    Introduction: Hello everyone at Gamehag! I'm back with another article on games. Today, my article is about Minecraft Bedrock. This is one of the most popular game in 2009-2020 and you're right even in 2020 everyone is playing this game that is fun and simple too. This is my second article on Gamehag and you're free to leave any feedback (both positive and negative) on my first article. Please do so I will know what to improve on next time for the community. Therefore, let's jump right into Minecraft Bedrock! :)

    Note: This article is not plagiarism or spam. All of the information below has been verified and confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.


    Short Summary:

    Minecraft bedrock is an edition of Minecraft in which it is playable across all platform from Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Fire OS! Bedrock is released on the 16 of August 2011. This platform includes built-in Minecraft servers for you to play with your family and friends! Unlike Minecraft Java edition, which you need to search for the internet for servers. Therefore, Minecraft bedrock is a great platform to play on as it involves in many multiplayer options, unlike Java. ( Java information in my future articles)


    Bedrocks edition Information:

    Minecraft bedrock isn't a normal kind of game you play on io games like Slither.io in my previous article. In fact, it involves in multiplayer games and customisable texture packs and addons to add into the game. This feature is good for players to maximise their gaming experience. It is a cross-platform multiplayer system in which you can play with your friends or family using a platform created called Xbox Console Companion. It is very simple to use. Just search for your friends Minecraft username in the search bar, friend him and you're done! Simple as that! Once you friend him, you will get to see him in our friend's section every time he is online! This is one of Minecraft bedrock best feature that excludes it from Minecraft Java. But the fun doesn't stop here! It also involves in a built-in server system! You don't have to search Google, Firefox e.t.c for the suitable server to play on, they are just there waiting for you to play! These servers are verified by Microsoft and will suit you no matter which server you play on! These servers involve in Skywars, Bedwars, Factions, death run and many more!

    Servers on Minecraft bedrock.

    Here are some information that I have listed below so that you will get a better view of the Pros and Cons of bedrock edition.


    • Price of bedrock is reasonable depending on what device you are playing on. ( Mobile versions cost US$6.99 (€7.99, £6.99, AU$10.99). PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Fire TV cost US$19.99 (€19.99, £16.74, AU$29.95). Yes, you heard it! So much for just this price, it is definitely worth the money buying.
    • Minecraft Bedrock has parental controls as it is connected with your Xbox account to play online, which means it comes with all the benefits associated, including the ability to customise privacy settings, alter who your kid can interact with e.t.c This allows better controls of your kids when they are playing so that they do not get to see the negative things and pick them up as a child. (E.g Swearing or tantrums)
    • Minecraft bedrock is stable despite your device compatibility. You can play Minecraft even with a 2006 PC or mobile device and it is still not laggy and glitchy! This is why many player prefer bedrock other than Java as Bedrock has a variety of features that enables them to top above Java.
    • Minecraft bedrock also involves in render distances without a single lag! You can render up to 96 chunks and the game is still running smoothly.
    • 6ZGV7HQpltjBjdXLGmrMLZJPSpw3QH.jpg
    • How a render distance at max should look like.

    1.16 Update!

    Minecraft in 2020 has been a great rise in popularity for many people such as Youtubes such as Pewdiepie, Ssundee and many more! We have always think of how Minecraft is getting boring as time goes by. But, have you forgotten about Minecraft updates? Check out the new Nether Update of Minecraft now! There are new items such as netherite which is stronger than diamonds but rarer! What are you waiting for? Update your Minecraft now!


    Minecraft is a really great game to play with your family and friends if you think that this is your cup of tea, then I suggest giving it a try! Maybe Minecraft will have a better update in the future? Who knows? Maybe your bored and the next day, you're playing it on your phone! Therefore, I really recommend this game to everyone and that is why I have put in so much effort in order to show you why many players that could not afford Minecraft Java goes for Bedrock. Have fun with your family and friends and stay safe!

    New 1.16 Nether Update Released!

    Note: Like I said earlier, this is my second article on Gamehag and if there are things that I can improve on, please give me feedback in the comment section! Who knows? I might be playing Minecraft with people like you one day! So until I see you next time, have a great and pleasant day!  

    Rate this article Minecraft Bedrock - Everything you need to know

    (4.49/5) 307 rates


    I love Minecraft so had to check out this article. Thanks

    11 july 2020 21:17

    This game make me go the the Old thing. But I just like this some🙂.

    30 july 2020 09:02

    but i dont play very much

    15 july 2020 14:14

    I think the Minecraft is a great game and Your article is so good. O think 9/10

    13 july 2020 09:49

    i dont have games for minecraft i play on phone

    15 july 2020 14:15

    i only have minecraft bedrock but i still like it, good article.

    14 july 2020 07:49

    its like the bast game for me if u all like something else lol ;-;

    12 july 2020 05:17

    Good article minecraft is the best game in the world

    11 july 2020 10:58

    I don't have alot of gem to buy Minecraft but one day,I will buy Minecraft buy gem ;)

    14 july 2020 06:12

    I love minecraft and this was very helpful

    13 july 2020 15:16