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    Astrax__, 4 july 2021 10:25

    How to get Soul Gems fast!!

    Hi, I'm Astrax__ and in this article, I will show you how to get Soul gems.
    All of us want to have some extra Soul gems but first, cover some basics
    So what is this so-called "Soul gem" Soul gems are the currency on Gamehag.com
    You can exchange these Soul gems for rewards such as Rubux,Gift Cards, CS:GO skins, Steam keys, etc.
    So let's begin this article and gain some Soul gems.

    These are the ways you can earn some Soul gems:

    • Guessing Game [there is a high percent chance that you will lose soul gems]
    • Watching ads on GameHag TV
    • Participate Giveaways
    • Playing Games
    • Completing Surveys
    • Inviting friend
    • Making Articles like this one

    1-Playing Games.

    Yes, you heard it right you can get soul gems for playing your favorite video games.
    You need to complete tasks after that you will get rewarded with soul gems.
    After you completed the task you need to send a photo of it to verify you have completed the task.

    2-GameHag TV.

    You can get soul gems by watching ads yes I know no one likes ads but this is different.
    You might be thinking that it will take a long time but the truth is most of the ads are 20 seconds long.
    Every ad you watch you will get rewarded with 1 soul gem.
    If you need 10 or 20 soul gems fast to get your desired reward then this is the place for you.


    What is a giveaway you may ask it's really simple all you need to do is complete all quests and claim your reward.
    Most of the time these are steam keys but sometimes you can get rewards like Robux.

    4-Inviting Friends.

    This is one of the easiest all you need to do is Invite some friends after that you don't need to anything
    just wait till your friends earn 1000 Soul gems and you earn 200 Soul gems for every friend you invited.
    Most GameHag users do this to get some extra Soul gems. [don't try to cheat with using multiple accounts cause we don't like cheaters]


    The best about surveys that most of them could be completed in under 6 minutes.
    Most of them give 100-200 soul gems.

    6-Guessing Game.

    You need to be really careful because you can easily gamble most of your soul gems.
    Don't play this one if you don't want to lose/ having some sort of gambling addict.

    7-Making Articles.

    You have an interesting topic that you want to share with everyone Then this is the perfect place for you.
    But there are some simple rules to do this.
    • Type at least 2,500 words don't fill out the rest with spaces that will result in the article being taken down.
    • Don't try to cheat with copy-pasting/ spamming no one likes cheaters.
    • Try to make it unique and interesting.
    • All the images you use high/good quality photos.
    • Look out for grammar errors.

    You can earn a small number of Soul gems by opening in daily or
    connecting your steam account and claiming your free daily chest every 24-hours.

    leave a comment to let me know if this is helped any way this the first article I ever created I hope you enjoyed it! Oh and thanks again for reading goodbye :P

    Rate this article How to get Soul Gems fast!!

    (4.7/5) 853 rates


    thank you for the information! was to helpfull, really good article This wont work, everything is fcking too expensive This wont work, everything is fcking too expensive

    11 october 2021 09:47

    Gamehag TV is the easiest where is that option ? Do you mean watch ad videos ?

    9 january 2022 11:51

    Wow, usefull info and well written! Thank you very much :D (btw I wonder how much SG they got from this ;D)

    14 november 2021 22:22

    I already know most of the ways to earn soul gems in this article but I still don't know what Guessing Game is.

    16 october 2021 08:23

    really helpful article, id like to ask if someone has had the problem of completing a task but not getting any rewards.

    16 february 2022 07:06

    Where do i play the "Guessing Game"? I have never heard of it before and i am curious.

    16 december 2021 04:57

    Thank you for posting this. It has already helped me earn my first thousand really quickly.

    15 october 2021 09:36

    You won't get good value from surveys if you aren't from Europe or america, rates are dependant on your region. Watching ads are better/stable source for gems 😃

    11 november 2021 06:09

    It's still kind of hard getting soul gems, easy tasks take a day but low reward, hard ones are high risk high reward

    13 october 2021 21:59

    this surveys does not work every time they say ERROR

    9 october 2021 14:12