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    Programmer419, 8 march 2021 16:41

    How to get soul gems

    We all want soul gems, and we want to get them in a fast and easy way. So I made this article to explain how to get them.
    If you are new to GameHag and don't know what is Soul gems(Sg) they are like points you collect when you finish a task or survey
    You can redeem those points into money or gift cards. So yes what are you waiting let us collect some soul gems.

    Best ways to get soul gems are :

    Creating Articles

    Playing Games

    Using GameHag-TV

    Playing In Guessing Game(Warning : You may lose your gems)

    Solve surveys In Contracts

    Invite friends

    Partivipate In Giveaways

    1.Creating Articles

    To create articles you should :
    Use good quality photos that attract the reader
    Try to avoid grammatical mistakes(You can use any software) : Having so much grammatical mistakes may lead your article to get taken down.
    Make your article interesting like don't make it boring
    Type at least 2,500 word
    Don't mess it up with symbols and links
    Try to avoid non useful things
    Don't Spam
    If your article didn't get 2500 word don't fill it with unnecessary things. 

    2.Playing Games

    Yes you can get rewarded for playing games. This is amazing.
    You should complete tasks and send them photo when you finish the task for verification
    and don't forget you should put on your in game name at last "-gamehag.com" to let GameHag know it is you


    You can get rewarded for watching, that is amazing. In GameHag-Tv for each single ad you watch you get rewarded with a single soul gem.
    The good thing is some ads are 20 seconds that means 10 minutes you can get (do some math ;) )
    I recommend you to use GameHag-Tv if you got 20-100 soul gem left for you to redeem your reward

    4.Guessing Game

    You feel lucky? Play guessing Game. You may win, and you may lose. I don't recommend you playing this game since you may lose all your gems


    Contracts are so good if you have a low-end pc and you cant play games. Then you can solve contracts.
    The nice thing about contracts is that some surveys need 1-5 mins to be solved and it gives 100-300 soul gems.
    If you want to get 500-2000 then you need to download games on your mobile phone they need some time but it is worth it

    6.Invite Friends

    Inviting friends is the most easiest way to get soul gems. You can earn soul gems while relaxing on your couch! You can earn 200 soul gem for each member you invite but they need to get 1k soul gem and then you can get yours. Most of GameHag users do this it is easy and simple and don't need work so what are you waiting for go invite some friends like me.


    You woke up on morning and you felt lucky? Then participate in the giveaway you can win games that cost 1,000Sg+
    but you should pay 200 or more Soul gems to enter the Contest I personally participate when i have 200 gems left and I am not saving for anything.

    Hope you like my article and please leave a comment on how you think it is. And perhaps you like it please leave a good review

    pssst.....This is my first article :) So hope you like it

    Rate this article How to get soul gems

    (4.59/5) 1041 rates


    to get soul u need to be patient and relax and just watch the videos and collect the chest in every 24 hrs and get a monthly chest if u were able to collect 1000 soul gems within a month

    4 may 2021 08:26

    Great information, I have been searching articles like this one but this is the best I have found. Keep on creating tutorial articles. Great work!

    16 april 2021 02:20

    It's worth mentioning that you can't always watch ads on GameHag-TV because you need to do tasks and sometimes there aren't any available tasks.

    4 may 2021 15:40

    I appreciate people who take the time to explain the websites mechanics. I did the turorials but still find myself a bit lost on here at times. This is a helpful article.

    2 september 2021 19:58

    Thanks for the tip, but if I do the TV, rewards are disabled, is there any way to enable it not just by doing tasks?

    25 march 2021 18:39

    Thank you for the tips. I'm pretty new and can never seem to get points for playing games. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong but I'll keep at it.

    27 april 2021 11:03

    @farming4items_gamehagcom as you've probably already figured out, commenting gives you xp, but you'll only earn for about 5 comments per day. Don't spam or your comments will be removed.

    Another way to get xp is to do tasks and contracts, you can check your dashboard for how much xp each task will give you. Hope this helped you.

    13 april 2021 18:10

    @Programmer419 People copy-paste articles off the first page all the time, they likely don't understand that the soul gems aren't granted unless the article is accepted by both the users and the mods.

    Their article would not be published because even if users accepted it, the mods would check that it's not plagiarised and would reject it because it already exists on the site.

    24 march 2021 13:13

    good stuff, watching ads to get the gems is the way to go if you not wanna play any random third party grindy game.

    15 march 2021 08:47

    Guys some1 stole my article please report that article as spam the person name's who stole it is : Filip5teo
    please please report him

    13 march 2021 09:55